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Why are drugs so outrageously expensive?

RoboGraham 8 Jan 29

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The drug Lord's of the Big Pharma Cartel figure if you need it bad enough, you'll pay, and pay, and pay. Recently, my Medicare provider stopped paying for a drug I was taking , because the price suddenly soared to $675 for a months supply. So, my doctor had to put me on a less effective substitute.


Very simple. It's legalized extortion against the patients and legalized bribery between the lobbyists and the pols. It won't end until most people are willing to vote third party on this single issue if nothing else. Sometimes I dream of a huge mob storming the capital in DC, not for an insurrection, but something more like when the British gentry confronted the king and forced him to sign the Magna Carta. Only in this case it would be storming the capital, holding all the members of congress hostage, and forcing them to sign single payer health care and accept that for their own health care as well. I don't see much hope of either approach happening in my lifetime, the Magna Carta approach or voting for third party candidates for congress to get single payer.

Well I sure hope it doesn't come down to that. They had to first defeat King John in battle before they were able to force him to play ball.

I'm thinking, if we have a chance at forcing the powers that be to do the right thing, it will be with mass civil disobedience and a general strike. Nothing gets them more amenable to the needs of the populace than the people coming together in solidarity to refuse to continue working. That threatens their profit margins.

@RoboGraham I would love to see a series of general strikes and mass protest in the streets. I think they would work, but it would take tens of millions being committed to it for quite a while. I just don't see enough people developing the kind of guts and awareness for that to happen. I think civil war, started by the right wing proles, being much more likely.


I think it's very difficult to get Americans to strike because our working class is already in such dire straights. A strike is a big burden when you're already living pay check to pay check and in debt. I don't know how it can happen unless things just get so bad that people feel they have no other choice.

@RoboGraham Actually that's what happened back in the Great Depression. People got so desperate they had nothing to lose and strikes became very frequent, even tho they were not general strikes.


. . . a very good read :


Looks informative, thanks.

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