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LINK Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad Urged Us to Find the Common Ground of Christian Nationalism | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

During the Super Bowl last night, Jeep aired a commercial featuring Bruce Springsteen urging Americans to find common ground.

It’s a dumb premise. There’s no unity to be found with racists, white supremacists, Christian Nationalists, MAGA cultists, and everyone else who’s been ruining the country. What compromise does Jeep want us to make with the sort of people who attempted to overthrow democracy at the Capitol last month?

(Follow link to see video)

snytiger6 9 Feb 8

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I didn't watch the superbowl.


In my honest opinion, pictured below IS the ONLY 'Common Ground" to be found where religion is concerned.


I was disappointed with Bruce Springsteen for doing this ad. The music/score is great, the images and voice over dialog are not.


I'm not fond of the words tolerance & tolerate; they imply puting-up-with the foibles of 'lesser beings', and self elevation of the word user.

But, I would tolerate xtians, moslems etc & even whitehouse vandalising white supremists & trumpers ... IF ... they would agree, from now on, to treat all people with respect, equity & fair handedness. If they would support government supplied healthcare, housing, nutritious food & education (free of theism) for everyone, according to their need. If they would accept the consensus of professionals (in their field), on science, climate change, medicine, virology, etc. and, the result of the votes counted! If they would do everything in their power to save lives (wear masks, wash & distance), stay home & stay calm. If they would stop indoctrinating children & seekers, stop instilling fear of judgement & imaginary places in others, and to compost their book of fables. And be decent humane people, just for the sake of being good.


I'm not sure but I do know that I'm not wanting common ground with them. I avoid the hell out of them and I do not like cultists at all.


I was surprised and dismayed to see at so many crosses displayed during the commercial, especially the one spanning the United States flag/map on the wall.


Really??? Common ground with this?

Try finding a needle in a haystack.


I desire no unity with the qanon domestic terrorist trash that comes from a gene puddle.


How can anyone be expected to find " Common Ground" with Christianity since even they cannot find it amongst themselves.


Why does anyone put any faith into the feelings of celebrities?


Not in one million years can i find anything to make me cozy up to these nasty bigots!!


That was the message I got too. Also why unity will never happen.

Not in our life time.

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