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i have a thought and i wanna share it

shouldnt the woman be the one who bends down on one knee to ask for marriage?

women are the gatekeepers to sex and men are the gatekeepers to relationships

arent the men the providers and so many etc etc right

what does the woman bring to the marriage?

u said sex right well i heard it doesnt get better after the hitch

o and ill leave it with this

familiarity breeds contempt

think of all the ways the woman can destroy the man


HeAdAkE 6 Feb 11

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I question just how relevant marriage is these days? It's largely a religious thing, and I'm not fond of organized religion.

ur right and marriage is for the woman and whats scary is once she gets it she changes

it will continue to decline because men are waking up


Nobody should bend over or down on their knees ...
We had a "marriage for all" campaign - I wanted a "ban marriage for anyone" campaign.

women want a man to be traditional and what is ironic is that if a man wants a traditional woman, he will be deemed a misogynist and toxic

times have changed and men are waking up, except the unchangeable minds of course

@HeAdAkE What is traditional wo/man? When I visited a women's hospital in China with a friend of mine, we found out that every doctor in that hospital was offering hymen "repair" ... Tradition obliges!


Women never give us a hint. (@LiterateHiker is a rare exception). They're never shy about giving us the brush-off, but they're trained from childhood to play impossible-to-get. They only respond to the most aggressive men, then complain that men are too aggressive.

yes sir u know what what ur talkin bout

the hardest part to understand is how the women actually get turned off by the "nice guy"

until they are done sharing their bird with many men and need to settle for the "provider"

traditional women are no more and this new modern women makes me say "no thanx, the juice aint worth the squeeze"


Stop playing victim and blaming women.

I asked Terry to marry me because he's a slow decision-maker. He said yes.

Terry is a simp and he has one-itus


Women must get respect and cannot be subordinated, no doubt about.

However, it is true that women in all societies including in advanced Western societies have one of these dependencies on men..... "emotional, financial, security, companionship, laborious work". Some have one while others have more. A few exceptions does not change what is more commonly true.

However, it is not a bad thing. The majority of men who respect women as sisters, mothers, and wives and enjoy who they and what they do. But often each society has existing conditions that men and women try to fit in. Defying that often makes life difficult. I have a personal experience in the family. My overseas educated, well travel, polyglot sister defied customs and traditions in India and she was left alone. She decided to not marry because she hated arranged marriages (it was 40 years ago). It is not that she was bothered by anyone. She was just excluded from the common fabric of the culture.

The post has a sexist tone but the sexist lines are drawn by where you live, what society you live in. I came to Texas in 2006 and was told that women government employees who worked there were not allowed to use the phone at work until in 1985. At this time, 5 countries in the world had women heads of state.

We all want equality, we have sisters and daughters and mothers. I have a daughter and I want all the equality for her but know although she can succeed over men academically, financially and career wise there are real things like the glass ceiling, women's security threats in... yes in none other than the country called the US of A.


I agree with so much of what you say except I made him a rich man, I asked him to wed to cover our asses on a legal/financial basis (the gov't rewards marriage- our families are toxic)), he could have sex with any one but me, I brought him everything he wanted.....except for that, no sex after the hitch as it is then a business arrangement only, & I'll leave you with this. Separate houses. I bought him his own.
There are an estimated 100,000,000 missing women in the world due to infanticide/gendercide. That should please you. I think of all the ways..........

omg i have to re read this its tricky, ill get back to it one min k

obvi question is

why did he get so lucky and

why couldnt he poke u if the mood was right?

@HeAdAkE Poking ruins the business relationships. Emotion clouds logic. He got lucky after 2 debacles. I lost him to hedonism. No constraints = self destruction.

@Mooolah i still don't understand what makes him so special? why did u pick him? can i somehow benefit by offering service of some sort?

@HeAdAkE Because we had everything in common. He was the male me. I was the female him. I never met anyone who came close to checking all the boxes. He was happy to give me the reins and be the alpha. I knew him for 35 years prior to hooking up. What he provided me was a shield from the onslaught of the male hordes There are probably no services that I require from anyone who isn't a lawyer specializing in estate planning.


I earn 45k more than my now ex husband. Your premise is crap and you are an obvious misogynist. Go away.

men don't care about ur job or what u earn

wake up hun!

ur grouchy i think!

@HeAdAkE you said in your original , sexist missive that men are the providers.


women seek provisions

guess where they find it?

the writing is on the wall miss Em


May I ask why you are so negative towards women in general? What has your personal experience been, if I may ask?

im not negative

woman are lovely

i can't wait for the right one to get on my frame

mind frame 😉


Pretty sure you will never need to worry about any aspect of marriage.

sure hope ur right!

i certainly wouldnt want my wife to get fat thats for sure

i feel bad for married men

@HeAdAkE Fat can change, ugly is forever. Good luck with that.


im not ugly look at my smile duh

but hey fat is unhealthy

thats only a fact

i will offer advice if interested and i can tell u that i have personally lost 50 lbs and can teach u how to burn fat

im serious as a heart attack no pun intended

@HeAdAkE i hate to break this to you Einstein but fat is critical to the healthy functioning of the human body. Now, gfy.


@LovinLarge but i knew that cuz ive learned so much about food and nutrients and function and anatomy along the way

i lost 50 lbs

of course i know what the foods do

plz stop all that bully talk

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