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LINK Proper Christian ladies are extremely perturbed about sinful electric cars / LGBTQ Nation

One Million Moms, the evangelical astroturf group funded by the American Family Association, a certified anti-LGBTQ hate group, has a new target for their regularly scheduled outrage.

This time they’re focused on electric cars.

snytiger6 9 Feb 12

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Dammit!...i clicked the link wondering what possible reason they could think was so sinful about electric cars...and once again I got hoodwinked by some LYING POS clickbaiting "journalist". It wasn't about EV cars at all! It was about language used in a superbowl commercial. Why lie and spread misinformation about that!?

Look, I'm not usually on the side of the one million moms, but this time the "journalist" straight up misrepresented their position and that is fucking UNACCEPTABLE! The issue was clearly about profane language used in commercials and not at all about EV cars! Dammit I HATE THESE FUCKING LYING REPORTERS! THEY ARE PART OF THE BIG FAKE NEWS/MANUFACTURED POLITICAL ISSUES PROBLEM AMERICA IS FACING TODAY. If I could punch them in the face repeatedly, I would. I FUCKING HATE THEM!

@snytiger6 I dig your posts, I learn a lot from them...but please watch out for these ahole reporters. Please don't give them any support.


They need to commit mass suicide. They simply can't deal with reality.

That page the link brings you too is filled with Christian Insanity, I watched 2 things I did not know if I should laugh or cry for Humanity.

those people are just plain insane in da brain.

I am not pro gay or anti gay. I simple have more things to do with my time. Currently I am doing my best to carve a skull stick, (for walking). If my hands hold out maybe in a few months it will be done.

I may get a Subarus Not Just For Lesbians anymore. But SWMBO has warned me we could get windows broken by religious dolts, when visiting relatives in NC and Virginia.

So very sad.

thanks for posting this link. snytigers6

I visited a friend in NC last year. I remember seeing these signs people had on their lawns, mailboxes saying “Thank You Jesus”.......I couldn’t help but think, for what?

I had quite a few not so nice looks when I wore these.......

@CuddyCruiser Great shirts!

@CuddyCruiser On my first two trips to Indiana to visit relatives, we saw 3 huge bill boards for jesus related goodness. That was incredible, my kids were very impressed, it was the basis for many jokes. Somewhere we have a picture or two (we went past enough times to snap 1 or two.

So if anyone has a snap of the signs in I-80 from about 12 years back please up load.


What are those ladies smoking?

Industrial grade methamphetamine with added lysergic acid diethylamide.

more important, why are they not sharing it?? Then at least we all hallucinate the same!


Are they forcing electric cars on her?

GM used the "d" word, not once, but twice! Think of the children 🤣

@OldMetalHead oh my god!!!! They told her to suck dick?


The sinful electric cars are the worst and guess what? The big auto makers are going for them. I bet we end up with ones that make big motor sounds.

Uh they do very annoying ones if they are all electric. They figured out people may not realize you are coming up the street, so they have a noise maker for city driving. Some people hate the noise, the sound of gas engines is better. The noise maker it is for kids and the blind and the rest of us who do not look while crossing sreets. All Electric vehickles are silent. So the noise maker is needed!!!!

Silent motor cycles are suicide bikes for that reason. A rider I know said "Sound is our friend" and a silent bike is death.


Poor woman. Perhaps somebody should buy her a Sybian.


Good job they don’t know about 2 stroke motorbikes! 😂 oh, they’re talking about the ads?
Actually if they got 2 strokes they might stop complaining as much lols.

I'm kind of guessing that, imo, it may be HIGHLY possible that poor little Monica Cole ONLY ever gets a maximum of 2 strokes from her husband/partner once every 3-6 months before he simply finishes, rolls of and goes to sleep....LOL.

This may be before your time ...

"What's red and throbs between the legs? A GPO (General Post Office) motorbike!"

@anglophone yes, I missed that one lols, yay for postie bikes 😂

The other thing is: these snowflakes are curbing world progress with their whining.

Sure, you don’t like an ad, don’t buy the product but all this silly fuss when these products might actually ensure a future for your about petty thinking!


They are rapidly running out of things to be upset about. What will they do when they get to Z, start over again?

They are upset because the god they follow has not come to save them and some are figuring out: It has been 10,000 years "Are we there yet?" Then they are bored and come up with new games like, "Lets enslave non believers, or lets torture non believers, or, torture woman for being , duh, women, or lets see who can come up with the silliest creation story". The list goes on.




It seems that the group has lost its moral and rational moorings on almost all issues.

Wait. You mean they actually had any?


I've seen the commercial. What is the "d-word" that Ferrell says twice? "Damn it"? Wow. Has Monica Millions been in a coma for the last 60 years?

I thought she meant a whole different "D'' word.

Thanks, I was complety missing the "d"word. I guess that's it. Dam it! Wow, that's a bit overboard if that's what the irritation is. That must be the same mentality that got me held after school by saying "this sucks". Looking back, I was just as confused why I was in trouble then, as I was figuring out what's wrong with that commercial. Obviously we're not in Norway!!


Monica really needs to get a life.

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