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LINK Bruce Springsteen JEEP 2021 Super Bowl Commercial 2021 LV - YouTube

Jeep thinks national unity should be based on the Christian faith!!!

JackBord 6 Feb 12

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I hated this commercial. I'm sorry, but common ground is not Christianity and this commercial reeks of it. The cross over the American flag, the three crosses of Calvary...seriously? Crosses everywhere.

This makes the religious nut jobs think that we have to come to them, to the cross, to be under their god, to achieve unity. Fuck that!


Its just a building. Really, the cowboy hat bothered me more.

Just a building? It had the Christian cross over the American flag. We are not a nation under any religion or any god. This commercial made it seem like meeting in the middle is to unify around Christianity and that we are a nation under that religion's god. No thank you. I don't dislike Springsteen--but I hated this commercial,

@Joanne. people put lots of things over/with/around the flag. It doesn't make any of it fact. By all means hate the commercial as you wish but it didn't bother me that much.

@Donna_I But, it is the White Evangelical Christians who insist that we are a Christian nation (most of my family members think this way). This symbolism reinforces these beliefs.

If this commercial really wanted to represent unity--it should have had all kinds of religious symbols, as well as the atheist "A," on that flag, and throughout the commercial.


I saw him on the “Tunnel of Love” Tour in 1987. I can’t claim to be a real fan......and despite not owning any of his records I was given a free ticket by a friend, and he actually was a very good singer and performer. He’s been around for well over 40 years, selling millions, he’s doing something right.


Pretty awesome commercial from The Boss! I guess not everyone likes Bruce or this commercial but I thought the sentiment was about coming together and I thought that was a good idea.

So, we all need to come together under the Christian cross?

@Joanne no of course not. I looked at this commercial as good for wanting to bring people together. I don’t agree with using religion to do it though. It was the attempt to bring people together that I liked, nothing more.


I found this to be absolutely sickening! Not a Springsteen fan and I don't drive a Jeep. This is some BS religious ad.


I feel no fucking need to make christians feel better about what they have done. The child raping. The genocide. The misogyny. The racism.

And he's a worthless drunk driver as the special rotten ass cherry on top of the hot fudge shit sundae.


The Bruce's music never appealed to me. I understand that he is a nice guy. Having lived in N.J., my adult son ran into him in a deli, or café "down the shore" as Jerseyites call it, and had a pleasant experience saying "Hi!" The Jeep commercial rubbed me the wrong way, with him seeming to portray a mid-western "truck drivin' man."

I agree. I have always hated how popular Bob Seger is in the Midwest, since he is basically a midwest redneck ripoff of Springsteen and always has been. Seger writes and sings basically the same type of songs as Bruce and always has, but the yokels here in the midwest have always been big on Seger instead of Bruce. I could never figure that out unless it's simply a regional thing about being parochial and only supporting singers from your own neck of the woods. I liked Springsteen more when he was a proud Jersey boy who merged and sang from a cross of the hippie music and R&B music he grew up on instead of trying to move to the mainstream. I read his memoir, Born To Run and he said he grew up hanging around with both hippies and greasers, so I guess he also listened to doo-wop stuff like Dion as well as the above genres.

@TomMcGiverin On a dark and lonesome highway.....East of Omaha

@BufftonBeotch Oh fuck I hate that song, Turn The Page. I mean, come on, Seger whining about having to "play the star again", as he rakes in the big bucks? Boo-fucking-hoo. Cry me a river, Bob...

@TomMcGiverin I think it is about being a rock star not being so much fun anymore as he is hitting middle age.
But yeah. Boo fucking hoo.

Try mucking out the bowels of a shrimp boat at 50.

@BufftonBeotch True that. There are different types of drudgery and some are much more physical and poorly paid than a music star getting disenchanted with fame and being rich while getting older. No doubt most authentic blue collar workers would gladly trade places and lives with Seger. Or with Springsteen, for that matter.

In the past, Springsteen was a very nice, generous guy who sided with the underdog, such as advocating for Vietnam vets, the homeless, immigrants, AIDS victims, etc. Now he is trying to appeal to Christians and blue collar Trumpers? What a decline....

@TomMcGiverin Out of any of Seger's songs I suppose I like Night Moves. Mainly because there's a lot more than him to listen to in it.


I know a lot of free thinkers who drive Jeeps, so one would think they are alienating a large swath of their customer base with this commercial. Same goes for Bruce, a lot of his fans are likely not religious.

Seems silly to make a statement that is (not so) subtly divisive, rather than inclusive. Bad choice for both the company and entertainer, but perhaps honest for them and good to know for some of us who prefer to support companies and entertainers who reflect our open minds and inclusive nature.


Dave Grohl sold out to RAM TRUCK. Can't tour so......


he is getting old

That's why he did the high ticket price Broadway show, so he could cash in. On top of that, he and Netflix are milking every last nickel out of it before they will ever release that show for home video. Bruce is starting to act old, greedy and stupid...


I too was disappointed to see this commercial. I like Springsteen and expected better from him. His politics are liberal, but he is always too quick to side with establishment Dems rather than progressives. The one time he went out on a limb to challenge his blue collar, establishment Dem fans was when he took a stand against police racism and brutality with his song American Skin. He got a lot of flack from police unions and his fans, so now he's preaching this vague unity stuff. Rotsa ruck with that.....

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