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LINK Trump was a Russian asset, new Intelligence Community report shows.

How obvious is it? Right Wing news outlets like Fox are actually taking Putin's side over an American president.

barjoe 9 Mar 19

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It seems only 4 years ago that I wrote a post on this site saying that history would show that Trump was a compromised person and asset of Russia's, and I got attacked for being a foreigner who didn't know anything about America and I should zip it. So, like a student and teacher of history that I am, I waited for history to unfold. Good morning history.

I wasn't on here four years ago but I knew Trump was a Russian asset and I remember 2016 RNC party platform charge orchestrated by Paul Manafort.


America won’t be settled until these people are held accountable.


America's the reason we have a middle finger.

I'm American. I don't take ownership for Putin.

America's also the reason Canada's not a Russian territory.


We've known Trump worked for Putin; Hillary mentioned it in her debate, and we've had 5 years of evidence pile up.

The real issue is that the Republican Party hasn't just ignored Trump's treason, but has scrambled to become traitors of their own. There's Moscow Mitch, Ron Johnson, the ones that went on the NRA junket, Nunes, etc. And knowing that the Mueller Report exposed the Trump campaign's 100-plus contacts, the whole GOP lined up behind Trump. As Putin knows, fear is an effective motivator.

Putin has established a beach-head in Florida and Washington, and really, the rest of the country. The GOP has no shame about supporting Putin's policies and won't even acknowledge that Putin has a hold on Trump. The Evangelicals will gladly trade their loyalty to America for overturning Roe, not that they ever had any loyalty in the first place. We have a country of de-facto traitors in our midst. This threat to our country will go on until it is addressed with the seriousness it deserves. Trump and the co-conspirators must be indicted.

Absolutely. FoxNews supports Putin against a sitting president.


I knew all along. He was always backing Putin.


It comes as no surprise.


Where does that leave repug. senators? It seems they're in the same category, right?


no big surprise there but it is good to get it confirmed.


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