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LINK Christian Boss-from-Hell Dave Ramsey Will Fire You for Having Pre-Marital Sex | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

We already knew evangelical “guru” Dave Ramsey was the Boss From Hell for ignoring COVID precautions in the workplace, planning a no-mask holiday party in December, and reportedly pulling out a gun during a staff meeting.

Now we have another reason to add to the list: He fires employees for having before they’re married… which also means he fires employees for what they do with their private lives because he believes working for him means everyone has to obey his version of Christian Fundamentalism at all times.

snytiger6 9 Mar 30

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Hmm, it seems that Jeebus Chrust and Sky Daddy are in need of more assistance when it comes to being the Great Peeping Toms of the Religious world.
So, Chrustian Dave Ramsey has volunteered himself to fill the role.
What's next I wonder?
Will it be "up the skirt/dress inspections" for ALL Unwed Female Employees to ENSURE that the hymen is still intact combined with trained semen sniffer dogs for both Male and Female Employees posted at EVERY entrance?
Will it be a pre-requisite of Employment that EVERY employee MUST allow their PRIVATE Abodes to be bugged and monitored 24/7, including bathrooms, etc, etc?
Imo, KGB and Gestapo surveillance have now arrived in the guise of Good Christianity when it comes to being an employee of Dave Ramsey.

I guess a better question is “How many people has he fired for lying”.


He will have nobody working for him then.


Oh I would love for him to fire me for that. Bring in the ACLU lawyers


Another Evangelical whackjob........probably ate too many of the wrong mushrooms.


If you choose to work for a nut job, expect nut job rules. Why would anyone not indoctrinated into the cult want to work for him in the first place? He can’t possibly pay enough, these religious gurus are generally pretty greedy with their money.

I can say from personal experience, that sometimes there are job markets where the best you can do is work for a nutjob, because, as in my case, you are too old for the job market and too expensive for the labor pool you are competing against, as I was as someone nearing age 50 in a college town labor market. Sometimes the only jobs available then are bad jobs for bad employers. And, in those circumstances, you can either put up with it or move away. Driving long distance for a low-paying job isn't worth it either.


Virginity tests next.

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