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LINK Can Anyone Explain This Pandemic-Fueled Christian Propaganda Film to Me? | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Get ready for the worst Christian movie of 2021.

It goes the grammatically challenged title “2025 — The World enslaved a Virus” and the premise is that COVID has ravaged the planet, leading to a “single world government” (Communism) that banned Christianity. Now a of Christians in Germany are creating “an underground revolution” to regain their freedom.

snytiger6 9 Mar 30

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A lesson in stupidity.


Can I explain the film? Yes. It is something out of the current QAnon beliefs tied in with Evangelical stupidity and wrapped around "we should have kept Trump" terminology. The 4 years is a clue here. People like Congresswoman Green come to mind when they present a card showing you have been vaccinated to explain the biblical 666 and all that goes with it. You might say the virus "enslaved the world" and this is all the nonsense coming out if it. People that believe the bible says they do not have to wear a mask, and the Constitution says the same will really dig this idea. Current level propaganda.


It reminds me of Texans' attitude to the rest of the world: in their minds, THEY are the center of not only the USA, or the world, but all creation.
And nobody else gives a hoot.
Same thing with Christians vis a vis everybody else: if they didn't constantly embarrass themselves with all this paranoia, nobody would care.
It's just, nobody except themselves ever cared in the first place. Believers are dropping out every day. It's over, but not because we care, but because we don't.
If THEY didn't spend so much time attacking US, they'd over time simply disappear.


It is a Christian Fantasy film, do you need any more explanation?


Insert as many face palm emojis as you like.


The Nazis were such devoted Christians, makes perfect sense to me! 🤣


Ah yes. Typical Christian victim playing.


Well, that IS ONE movie I will NOT be adding to my collection, you bank on that.

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