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LINK Hawaii Pastor: If Hospitals Can Be Open, Then So Can My COVID-Spreading Church! | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

In Maui, Hawaii, a church called King’s Cathedral and Chapels has seen a massive COVID outbreak with 55 infected people from that single cluster. It’s so alarming that the state’s Department of Health issued a public warning about it:

Serious stuff. The DOH also asked the church to please cancel upcoming in-person events in order to stop the spread of the virus.

The church said no. Apparently, the Christians there don’t give a damn who dies as a result of their negligence. But it’s not just that the church only did the bare minimum — saying it would cancel an Easter production and an egg hunt, but not the church services themselves. Check out the batshit crazy justification the pastor gave for why he wouldn’t be closing down his COVID cave:

snytiger6 9 Apr 2

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FFS, what demented Anal Sphincter squeezed this rank and fetid Turd out into this world?
Let him hold his religious services BUT once the Church/Chapel is FULL, seal the doors and window shut tight and leave them that way.
At least then the infected can go on and infect each other WITHOUT roaming around the countryside and infecting the innocents that they come across.
It'll be like killing many 'pigeons' with just one stone imo.


I am so damned tired of these ignorant-of-science preachers experimenting on human beings to test their beliefs that God will save them from deadly diseases. Fundamentalist and conservatives have accused scientists of all sorts of nefarious motivations connected with vaccines and other preventative behaviors like masks and social distancing. Meanwhile, they are the ones killing and harming people using their congregations as guinea pigs.


If the asshole gets the shit then fuck him let him die. No skin will fall off my ass.


They should be banned from entering the hospitals if they get sick. Let them go to the church to die.


Typical religious zealots


Yes, all kinds of social media comments on the news reports here in Hawaii of this huge church comparing its church services to to be as essential as hospitals. Um... hospital staff and patients are in PPE gear, and many doctors are still offering services remotely through telehealth, etc.

This church is the center of a huge cluster of cases, so it's surely alarming that they refuse to go remote only for this weekend. Gee, I wonder how the congregation got its lax attitude about social distancing allowing the virus to spread so quickly within the church and soon most likely outward to the general population of Maui.

If that were to happen on the smaller island of Kauai, the pastor and congregation would be shamed publicly and just knowing that would be the case is is likely a deterrent for that ever happening here. (Knocking on wood.)

Each island has a different approach to covid, and we often hear Kauai residents say "We don't want to be like Maui" so we keep different rules. We've enjoyed a near zero daily case count here on Kauai, but that might change after Monday when we open up to travelers again without quarantine.


There are christain crazies in every state and that's one of the reasons that covid is running fairly rampent.

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