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LINK More of This, Please: Insurance Company Cancels Policy of Corona-Defiant Church | Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Nothing and no one could make Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne listen to reason.

Tampa officials pleaded with him to close his church, and he ignored them.

News outlets and social media users held him up as a prime example of religious irresponsibility, and he shrugged.

The sheriff’s office threatened his arrest, then made good on that warning, and still Browne vowed that he’d keep gathering the flock at his Tampa Bay temple.

But suddenly the pigheaded pastor has had a change of heart. Alerted to news reports of his dangerous and possibly costly intransigence, the church’s insurance company canceled his policy. And Browne finally bowed his head and announced that he would close the place down for now (it’s all the result of relentless “religious persecution” and “government tyranny,” he continues to sputter).

(Hit them in the wallet (in this case making them carry their own liability) and suddenly they care.)

snytiger6 9 Apr 5

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if, all the members die from that church, he will sol anyway. It took an insurance company to make hime see reason to a certain degree.

I don't think he saw reaons so much as he saw without insurance he'd be personally liable.

Trust me he doesn’t want anyone dying in his church especially if they are a tighter. He kept it open to keep the collection plate flowing


Next to religion, I hate insurance companies the most...

Yeah me too. It is the only industry where they are allowed to get away with changing the terms of the contract after the fact (when a claim is filed).

Don’t forget big oil, big food and big pharma.

@CuddyCruiser 100% agree


Insurance companies are a bunch of fuckin’ crooks just like the business of disease (Big Pharma) as well as big oil and the big food companies.

But I will give credit where it is due, and in the case of this dopey fuckin’ pastor they did a little bit of something good.


Kudos to the Insurance Company imo.
Now with this genetic tracing of the virus that is available they can start tracking EVERY person that HIS church has caused to become infected THEN those who were infected and those related, sadly, to those who have perished CAN start suing HIM and Him alone for compensations.
Genetic Tracing of C-19 in a nut shell, Since the C-19, like most other viruses, can ONLY reproduce by invading and 'taking' over a living host cell by absorbing the genes, etc, contained in the Cell Nucleus, it also carries with it when it reproduces itself the genetic material of the Host cells as well.
By breaking down a sampled virus cell from a patient, Scientists can now determine by back-tracking WHO was the first infected person in the chain of resultant infections, etc, etc.


Sounds like a prudent and reasonable business decision by the insurance company. Too bad it takes financial pressure to get a minister to do the right thing in the end for his flock. Just shows how in the end money talks louder than God to these clods...


Sounds reasonable to me. I assume they own the building. The same thing should apply if they have a landlord. Threaten to cancel is insurance on his building if they do not shut it down. I'll bet the landlord puts a lock on the door.


Sounds reasonable to me, works for car insurance companies. 🤔

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