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Questions to religious people

What are the questions you might ask to a religious person to crash their beliefs? You only have 5 questions to ask.

venkat 3 Apr 8

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I don't do that unless confronted by a fanatic, it's not polite

  1. Why do you choose this religion and god, when there have been religions on this planet for tens of thousands of years?
  2. Isn't your religion more about where and when you were born, your country, culture and family, and had that been different -- since you didn't choose those things -- wouldn't your religion be different?
  3. If you believe that your god gave you free will and freedom of choice, what is the point of prayer, of praying for guidance, intervention or salvation, since all these are contrary to free will.
  4. If you do not practise ALL the theology and rules of your religion, isn't your religious faith an hypocrisy, or is your religion wrong?
  5. If your religion is based on a one true God, why has your god allowed so many contrary, conflicting, waring, hating, and inconsistent variations of the 'truth' it has given you?
  1. Because my chosen religion makes more sense to me at this time, and in this place than any others I have ever heard about, and I’ve made some considerable effort to survey what’s available.
  2. Those things have no doubt influenced my worldview, as they have no doubt influenced yours. But I abandoned the religion I was born into at an early age and adopted the basic framework of one of an earlier era, and a distant land, which nobody I currently know personally, practices.
  3. The point of prayer (in my chosen religion) is not to beg God for favors, but to set the practitioner’s mind in the posture that is most receptive to the kind of wisdom that is otherwise inaccessible. I can make choices, but I didn’t write the laws that govern the universe. The only two options I see are to submit to those laws or to suffer. I am free to choose.
  4. My religion doesn’t impose “theology and rules” in the sense that modern people understand those terms. My religion espouses a set of “principles” that it sees as one viable path to spiritual liberation, but leaves the speed, extent, and purity of adherence entirely up to the discretion of the practitioner. Results are commensurate with quality of practice.
  5. The “one true God” of my religion doesn’t give truth, he IS truth. It is entirely up to the practitioner to see that truth accurately, but it is not an easy thing to see so a lot of people get it wrong. Why doesn’t my God give his truth away freely? I don’t know. You’d have to ask him. I can imagine it might be the same reason a wise parent might not want to freely give their child everything it asks for. Some things can’t be properly appreciated unless they were earned.
  6. Any more questions?

@skado oh, nice job. So, your religion 'makes sense'. Well that's conclusive. Like Qanoners who think their pseudo religion makes sense, I suppose. And you abandoned your birth religion. Good one. You are one of the fraction who did. Billions of other religious people congregate in religions they were born into. Most of them, actually. Also you pray as a form of self-medication, I deduce from comment no 3. Hope it works. And your religion doesn't impose theology and rules. So there is one like that! Do tell, what's it called? Finally your God is truth, you say. Yes, I've heard that from before, like from terrorists who fly aircraft into buildings killing thousands of innocents. No doubt they believed they had earned it too.

Any other questions, you ask? Yes, do you know of any other atheist groups I can join so I can get as far away from religion as possible?

Thanks muchly.

You might have to try another planet. Religion owns 80% of the population of this one, and growing.

@skado I doubt that figure, but like other visionary people I admire, I will always hope that this world will become more secular and reason based in the future. This planet.

Why do you doubt it?

@skado first, the statement that religion "owns 80% of the population" is sloppy expression at best, and nonsense at worst. Huge numbers of people are only notionally religious, not functionally religious, and there are big variations between countries and regions on religion. The growing secularisation of the West is well known and reported, and religions know it and fear this trend. Yes, there is a lot of religion in this world, more's the pity. But your figure is not meaningful.

What figures do you go by?


I don’t bother preaching to mental cases.


If I told you exactly the same story but changed the name of Jesus of Nazareth in 33 AD to Julian from Fire Island in 2011, would you still accept it as true?


I choose to not engage mentally deranged people in conversation.


Ask any questions you like; you won't crash their beliefs unless they're already wavering.


I can't ask them 5 questions. My big things are that the bible as we know it came into existence around 336 AD. What does that do to your faith when it is 300 years after the time of Jesus whom, by the way, was not a Christian.

My second item in religion is that we do not know a birth and death for this man Jesus. We celebrate his resurrection from death on Easter every year, and just like Passover, Easter has a changing date. Did Jesus arise again on March 30th or on April 19th? How many times did he die and come back?

Lastly, I find it absurd that Saul of Tarsus (Paul) is credited with writing most of the NT when the man did not even know Jesus and also never met him. Just reading the books of the NT show that people also had a lot of problems with Paul in his own time as well. That also includes Jesus followers.

Paul teachings is directly opposite than Jesus. Jesus taught that you don’t change anything about the law and Paul taught Jesus frees us from the Law. You are right Jesus followers thought Paul was a heretic

@abyers1970 Paul was viewed by many as the Antichrist. Today the Evangelicals praise Paul and they do not think the Antichrist has appeared yet. Often you hear them talk of "a type of" or a "forerunner" when they talk of the Antichrist. This is all because they feel their bible is predicting things. Most of us know that it is not..

@DenoPenno Any prophecies that are fulfilled are so vague that it doesn’t mean anything. Kinda like me prophesying that it will rain in the next month or that there will be car accidents in the next week


If god created everything, who/what created god? And then who/what created the god that created your god? And so on


Nope,nope, nope, i prefer to Mind My Own Business & hope they do too!


I would just ask them to watch this film. I was a 30 year Christian and this film shook my beliefs to the core. It’s hard to argue with cold hard facts. This was done in a very factual way.

If I may ask, respectfully, what were you getting out of your participation that kept you involved for 30 years?

@skado Actually for the most part my religious experience was good. I made some friends and fellowship was good. I stayed in a miserable marriage with a narcissist because of my religious beliefs. She was an addict and I thought god would heal her. One day I just woke up to realize how wrong I was about her and the marriage. I said to myself if I was wrong about her what else am I wrong about. So I challenged everything in my life including religion. I just went where the evidence led me.

Sorry for your losses, but
I'm glad you're free from it now, neighbor.


I wouldn't ask any unless a person was questioning their faith. Their belief is based on just that, faith, not reason or logic even though they might think so. Absent an interest on their part, I'd just be wasting my time. If a person is strongly religious I will have little or no interest in spending meaningful time with them. They might be great as a person, but the world views are just too different to interest me.



God is doing something. It doesn't matter what the something is, as far as this question goes. You pray. God hears your prayer, changes his mind, and does something else that is notably different from what he was doing.

So what's going on here? Is it:

  1. God was initially doing something wrong, but didn't know that until you told him - in which case god is not all knowing,

  2. God was initially doing something wrong, and knew it, but couldn't do the right thing until you prayed - in which case god is not all powerful, and somehow your prayers grant god new powers that he didn't have,

  3. God was initially doing something wrong, and knew it, and could have done the right thing but chose not to until you prayed - in which case god is actively choosing to do what he knows is wrong, which means he cannot be a good god, or

  4. God was initially doing what was right, but your prayers pursuade him to change his mind and do something that isn't right - in which case your prayers are fundamentally and inherently wrong and damaging.

I cannot see any other option. It's got to be one of those four.

Those who pray don't for a second consider. How narsasistic & self absorbed they are . That the great omnipotent & almighty creator of heaven & earth . Is listening to my thoughts & desires.. I alone have the ear of the deity I imagine. . While the millions of others consumed in prayer , falls on deaf ears.
Prayer must save in therapist bills.. Not as effective but a placebo in any effect. Amen & Awomen .. 😂


Depends on the religion.


If I knew how to separate a fanatic from his fantasies I'd use that technique to separate Trumpanzees from their messiah.


Q. 1 - God being a Non-Corporeal Entity beyond ALL Time, Space and Matter writes a book, a book made up of Matter, i.e. either pulped papyrus or treated skin, So, WHERE, HOW, WHEN and WHY did this ENTITY come to realize that such things as books, papyrus scrolls/parchments actually existed and writing upon them would also convey to others ( that did NOT exist at the time btw) the thoughts and words of this Entity?
Q.2 - "In the Beginning there was the word and the word was with God, " -Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 1, Line 1, SO , a) what was this word, how exactly was this word produced/spoken by an Entity with no physical form, vocal cords, etc, etc, No atmosphere for the vibrations of the vocal to create and reproduce the sounds (vibrations) made by these vocal cords,
Q.3 - This Entity, living alone in absolute nothingness beyond ALL time, Space and Matter DECIDES to create EVERYTHING from this absolute NOTHINGNESS, How is that done,
Q.4 - This self-same Entity suddenly realizes that EVERYTHING around it is just Darkness, So, IT decides to create LIGHT BUT does NOT create a source of that LIGHT until much later, WHY and HOW,
Q.5 - SINCE humans and Human languages have NOT yet been created/invented in WHAT language/script was this BOOK written?

Jeebus, Triphid, I glanced at your reply and thought it was feeling okay?

@AnneWimsey yep, fine and dandy for an old bloke.
He wanted 5 questions so he got 5 questions.


I have never heard anyone say that thinking is easy, it is not easy. Religious beliefs require no effort beyond the recitation of passages from a so-called holy book and or the singing of religious nursery rhymes. Why did you choose to suspend critical thinking and anaesthetize your mind with religion?


To any Christian: why do you accept the absurd claims of the Bible?

To any non-Christian: where is your falsifiable evidence to support your existence claim of your god or gods?


Welcome to the site, enjoy your stay. I personally have better things to do than question faithfools on why they believe in something that is totally "BEYOND BELIEF". 🤔


So two human beings copulate and make an immortal soul?


Just one question. Would a real God come up with the platypus? I mean really!

No, pretty sure he would have put wings on it also. 😁

If I was a god, I totally would! Except I'd make them bigger. And more venomous.


#1. Does your religion have anything to do with helping widows and orphans while avoiding worldly corruption?

Religion ... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans in need and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27

#2. Does your religion support government issued identification for buying and selling for taxation, capitalism slavery and government control?

and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath [government issued identification with secret numbers only known for transaction purposes] Revelations 13:17

#3. Does your religion support invasion of foreign lands and raping it from the original indigenous inhabitants calling them such as Mexicans, indian and native American?

#4. Does your religion provide that everyone on Earth is able to enjoy the one major thing that separates homo sapiens from any other, that being intellectual capabilities to freely enjoy all knowledge, understanding, wisdom, skill, craft, trade and college certification of every kind free from tuition, free from loans, free from any fees?

#5. Does your religion provide free medical for everyone on Earth so that everyone can receive all the most current medical services, treatments, healthcare and healing services free from any cost, free from any fees or free from any indebtedness so that everyone can live healthy lives getting the services they need when they need it?

Word Level 8 Apr 8, 2021

Tried that with my sister. No matter the question, they find a way around it (my sister would say "I try not to think about it" ).

It's just not worth the bullshit.


i wouldn't be asking religious ppl anything, but
No son of man may die for another's sins
how does this bible v fit with your beliefs, also
No one has ever gone up to heaven...
There is only one immortal...
He who seeks to save his life/soul shall lose it
No one knows where they go when they die
All go to the same place

i guess thats six, but again you might be careful where you quote these,
Christians hate the Bible with a passion, and you might even die ok
not joking

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