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LINK Arkansas State House Republicans Pass Bill Allowing Creationism in Science Class | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

The Arkansas State House yesterday voted 72-21 in favor of letting public school science teachers “teach creationism as a theory of how the earth came to exist.” As if we needed another indication of how little respect Arkansas lawmakers have for students…

It was a party line vote, with every Democrat against it and every Republican for it. (One Democrat and six Republicans didn’t vote at all.)

This is the work of State Rep. Mary Bentley, a Republican, who filed HB 1701 last month.

snytiger6 9 Apr 8

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Not surprised have been in Arkansas rest stop where the restroom was so bad would have been cleaner to piss on the floor, it was cleaner than the urinal




This subject was settled decades ago and in a variety of states, including here in Pennsylvania. These guys just like to waste tax money and court time.


Is it just me or has Arkanas now alsoearned the title of ArkanARSE along with Texarse?


The Repugnicants in the Arkansas State House demonstrate their willful and catastrophic ignorance of science, and thereby further disadvantaging the whole of Arkansas. To put into terms that they might understand, they are doing the work of their Satan.


They must not have read the past news and book on the lawsuit and case that came out of Dover, Pennsylvania. School board put in intelligent design. They lost. Close to 3 million from the school district. Those suing only took their legal expenses of about 1.5 mil because, like real sensible people, they weren't suing to get money, but make a better change.


OK, let's go really back now and once again claim that dinosaur skeletons are actually the work of the Devil. Let's get those students ready for the real world so they can curse us all later.


To help cement their position in the back of the bus.


so, just for you, i'll suggest that it's all in the interpretation
i mean, what is meant by "teach creationism" anyway?
crap, guess ill go look, brb...

"As we know, the Earth doesn’t exist because God poofed it into being a few thousand years ago. The Bible may say that, but the Bible is lying to you."
so sure, if you insist on perpetuating the same bad interpretations that xtians hold, literally, then go for it i guess

Actually, we are all in a simulation built by a 7th grader for their science fair, and are now sitting in a box in the kid's closet.

Yeah, I thought when they "teach" it they could make it a sort of satire entertainment.

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