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LINK This Short Film About the Harm of Evangelical “Purity Culture” is Worth Watching | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

We’ve posted quite a bit over the years about the damage of abstinence-only sex education and evangelical “purity culture.” We’ve heard so many people who grew up in churches talk about how they were taught to avoid sex at all costs, even pledging to remain “pure” until marriage. If a man stumbled, a disproportionate amount of blame was placed on girls for dressing or acting a certain way.

The center of so much of this conversation was Joshua Harris, the purity-promoting author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, a book he wrote in his early 20s. He has since apologized for the harm he caused, apologized separately to LGBTQ people, and even admitted he’s “not a Christian.” (Whether his change of heart will be accepted by those who were affected by his books remains to be seen.)

The non-profit news team at Retro Report just published a short documentary about “purity culture” and its aftermath. While there’s no new information for regular readers of this site, it’s a helpful introduction to the issue for people who are unfamiliar with it. (follow link for video)

snytiger6 9 Apr 8

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Thanks for posting this ☝🏻

Mvtt Level 7 Apr 8, 2021

Being ashamed of being a sexual animal as an Evangelist, great idea.
Let them ALL be so ashamed of sexual intercourse that they STOP breeding IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY.
That way, within a few short generations they WILL become Extinct.


I see ridiculous controversy here. The first thing to do is STF up about your sexual orientation and discussions of sex and sexual conquests. Simply tell others it is your preference not to get into that type of talk because a friend may become an enemy and use it against you. If you are male it means you are naming females that you have had sex with, bragging about it, etc. This is only a "come on" for other males to "bond" or maybe give them a list of females to conquer. Do not be so shallow. Have a bit more respect and know that you do not have to discuss or share everything. Sex is not holy or sacred but your personal privacy is.


It's all about keeping them, esp. girls, cloistered, ignorant, and inexperienced, so they're easier to con, manipulate, and dominate. Methinks there is a lot of misogyny and also fear of women behind all that thinking, because it follows that if females are more knowledgeable and experienced about sex, they will demand better from men in marriage and relationships, and the men behind this find that threatening.



Abstinence is impossible, especially for priests apparently.

Well there are asexuals who just lack sexual desire. But yeah, for the vast majority of people repressing sexual desires leads to neurotic behavior, as has been shown in studies.

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