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People Are Revealing Why They'll Never Go To Church Again, And I'm Curious About Who Feels The Same
Some of these are pretty funny - like the bit about "those thieves"! Shortly after moving to this town, our son (about 7 at the time) said the neighbors invited him to attend services with them. He came home a couple hours later, excitedly talking about how they "deaded Jesus" and hasn't been back since

chalupacabre 8 Apr 15

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I got a kick out of the first story - she's having a panic attack and the church ladies tell her it's Jesus flowing through her.


You only have so much time on this earth and so much money.
Why waste your limited time and limited money on complete bullshit?

BD66 Level 7 Apr 16, 2021

Silly sheople


How about. All of the above.


My parents weren't religious. However, I was a pain in the ass and was subsequently physically punished. It didn't really work. I just got used to the pain.
For those taking notes: It's not okay to hit someone you love barring the self-defense possibility.


Interesting comments. One I agree with: "it’s a physiological thing." Interesting the comment, It's a pedo thing LOL. I guess it OK to be a 'pedo' but just don't eat babies. That what us libtards do. These people are really, really sicko.


I have zero interest in going to any church of any kind for the sole purpose of attending the service with the possible exception for the existence of a super animated southern baptist church as stereotyped in film and television one time for shits or a Pentecostal church on Halloween to scare the bejesus out of myself and a friend with all the speaking in tongues. But there are other circumstances I could imagine that would get me to go a time or two. That said, no such circumstance has occurred since I stopped going in the 90s.

I wouldn't mind attending a snake handling service if I knew the snakes weren't previously milked and I could be witness to some idiots being removed from the gene pool.


Why allow a child to be indoctrinated...

and by someone other than the parents.

I would prefer that our son know what's in the world, good and bad, and make an informed decision for himself when he's ready. A demystified thing loses a lot of power.

@chalupacabre when older and able to form objective evaluations, yes. But 7 isn’t it

@Canndue he was debriefed when he got home and we knew the people he went with. I wasn't much older when I attended a JW service without either of my parents, and look at where I'm posting that. 😄

@chalupacabre I suppose, whatever works for you.


Because young people don't have the decades of conditioning these cults give out...I have the sense that more of us left at an early age than, say, in middle age.

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