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How could anyone listen to this idiot?


Is it just me or do others get the strong whiff of someone trying to gild a fresh turd and call it a golden nugget?
imo, ANY Counselor worth his or her salt would, most probably, take ONE look at the piece of Human Excrement and think to themselves " What have I done to deserve being stuck with delude waste of time, space and oxygen," I know I would since in my somewhat wide experiences with these so-called Counselors that religions very carefully select the MAIN Criteria for the job is to " Foster and Further the beliefs of Self-righteousness as held by the person they are counseling" NOT to attempt to correct in any way, shape nor form them as they should be corrected, etc.


We should give idiots like that a platform and a megaphone so everyone can see where the Bible leads.


They're probably hoping everyone will forget. That way they can go back to where they were.


He doesn't look like he took off any pounds.

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