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LINK Starbucks Philadelphia arrest: CEO apologizes to two black men arrested in a store after an employee call to police - The Washington Post em or hate em. Now this. My town-gasp-has no Starbucks, so I am not forced to make a stand. What would YOU do in response? Awaiting comments....

BookDeath 8 Apr 16

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Starbucks needs to get their act together and progress/evolve with society. I have boycotted your products for years now and do not intend to change my boycott until I see Starbucks take a giant leap into the future. If you don't, you will die in your little box.


You shouldn't feel forced to make a stand. This whole PC thing is ridiculous. My understanding was that they refused to leave the store.

They were early and waiting for someone. Why should they have to leave the store?

@DenoPenno They went there, they refused to order, and the barista was not Miss Cleo.


I don't drink coffee myself but I was appalled by what went down and then the police chief is ont here defending the cops for arresting two rather ordinary guys next door types for being black while waiting. This should NOT be happening in this day and age! Oh and the police chief was black himself and still defends the cops!


I saw this story. I truly hope they fired that barista. There's no excuse for that.


The last time I was in a Starbucks, my date and I wanted to sit and visit after we purchased our coffee - not a single spot to sit. So when I heard these 2 were sitting, taking up a table without buying anything, I sympathize with Starbucks - they were loitering and wouldnt leave.

gater Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

I've seen one news article that states that the two men appeared to be homeless. So was it discrimination based upon race or homelessness? Or both?

That particular Starbucks seems to have stereotyped these two men--in some form or another. And this is based upon the stories that we have heard. I'm sure there is more to the story. I used to go to the Starbucks, where I live, day after day...ordered one cup of coffee...and stayed there for hours...using their WiFi...and their restroom. At one point I was actually homeless, and still was always treated courteously. The onus is on this particular manager at this particular Starbucks.

It is my opinion it was the manager's opinion as a racist. A lady who was white said she sat there an hour for an appt. with her son. He did not show. She said she bought nothing and they did not bother her. Now what does that sound like to you?


Appologize? It's racist BS. If we had a Starbucks around here I'd boycott it. It should have never been an issue. Talk to people, don't call the cops. Since we don't have a Starbucks, I'll just keep spreading the word. Don't do business there. Take a stand.

and don't bring Starbucks to your town if you don't have one!


I meet clients in Starbucks all the time. Usually I go in there, sometimes use the bathroom, then wait without ordering until my client shows up. When my client shows up, we go to the front, order drinks, and have our meeting. I had no idea I was violating so mant Starucks rules for so many years.

Sometimes I just go in there to use free wi-fi for a few minutes, and don't order anything.

BD66 Level 8 Apr 16, 2018

Wow. They never called the cops? Wonder how your situation was different? Heavy sarcasm.
Thanks for sharing.


I think it was a shocking situation and Starbucks need to look at their response to customers waiting for friends and have a policy that is non descriminatory. Plus, the police needed to ask some serious questions about this trespass...could they have just asked the gentlemen to purchase a coffee while they waited? Seems like there is much to learn from this one, and the fact that the media have taken hold will hopefully mean we improve from this.

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