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LINK Val Demings Slapping Jim Jordan Silly - YouTube

I would like to tie this guy to a tow hitch as drag him through a field of cow shit

barjoe 9 Apr 21

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Make him cower like the sniveling rat he is!


I am a pacifist and I do have lots of compassion for my fellow man ... but I wish someone would take Jim Jordan out back and whoop his ass until he shuts up.


This popped up on my facebook feed, and it applies perfectly here:

BD66 Level 8 Apr 21, 2021

When Congress is full of internet trolls.

BD66 Level 8 Apr 21, 2021

That would be Jim Jordan, the Sandusky of wrestling coaches.

@barjoe Plenty of trolls on both sides of the aisle.

@BD66 I'm talking about the ones on the Republican side of the aisle.


Oh silly! Cow shit surrounding harvested corn stalks!

What a snowflake Jim Jordan is. She was questioning his motives. Boo Hoo. I love Val Demings. I'd like to see her run against Ron DeathSantis for governor of Florida.

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