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What would a masochist go if they died

If the Christian god was real and an atheist masochist died would he go to hell or hevan?

I grew up thinking hell was all fire and brimstone
And hevan had no pain

So if an atheist masochist died wouldn't hevan be more of a punishment in hell or is there a special arena in hell where no one is toured?

Where would a masochist go

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Ravengirl 3 Apr 25

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Please try to make a more complete set of options . A free response one would help where people can opt what ever they want e.g in replies. My answer would be "Into the earth on earth like everyone else on earth."

I hope you are not offended by this advice which is intended to make better science and you happier.
NB you may have to do more than one survey to get anywhere near the truth.

Well done for doing this one.


North Dakota?


50 shades of Jesus, the Christian god. Jesus BDSM alternative lifestyle of being a servant slave.

According to what's written Jesus said, ",,, did not come to be served, but to serve," Matthew 20:28

So, where ever this masochist slave servant Jesus is, perhaps there too might a masochist go.

Word Level 8 Apr 25, 2021

Difference between a masochist and a sadist:
Masochist "Hurt me, hurt me!."
Sadist: "NO!"


Why do everyone believe that a masochist loves all pain? I am a masochist when it comes to sex, but I absolutely HATE the dentist, having kidney dialysis, hearing Trumps voice, etc.


None of the above!!!


What is a "Hevan"? Is it He-Man's delivery truck?


Oh FFS.....


an atheist would go nowhere. So, there is nothing to vote on.


i guess this will be hard to believe, but the Bible authors most likely had no concept of heaven and hell as places in the "afterlife," like today's christians do?
The kingdom of heaven is within you
All go to the same place,

and the fact that Gehenna--which is what is xlated to us now as "hell"--is an actual place here on earth

so, i guess i'm saying that the Christian god is kind of based upon nothing...or more like a composite i guess?

But to answer your Q in the spirit intended imo you would have to first determine the masochist's preferences, as pleasure/pain are pretty narrowly defined i think? Iow even a masochist would likely not get off by being doused in flames or whatever


Go to hell! lol


None of the above, their body might make the cemetery or crematorium, but when you're dead you're dead no matter what you were in life.




In the name of the “Father” and the “Son” and “Into the hole he goes!”
Everything that happens after is boring.


I agree with Tom on this.


Atheists — be they bottoms, tops, or middles — don’t go anywhere.

I mean its just a hypothetical but ok.

@Ravengirl My ancestors were German and I take almost everything seriously.

In 1914 someone told a German joke. In 1937 someone told another German joke.

@yvilletom German humor is no laughing matter!

@Tejas Love it. Thanx.

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