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LINK Illinois Pastor: Delaying Church Reopening Means “We’ve Been Sentenced to Death” | Terry Firma | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

I put this under the "silly, random and fun" category because the claims he makes are silly.

snytiger6 9 May 13

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Oh WELL...πŸ˜‚


Joan would disagree


Didn't anyone ever bother to tell this demented Numb-nuts that from the very moment you are born you ARE sentenced to Death, after all, the end result of Life is Death is it not.


Doctor: I'm afraid Pastor that you have covid 19
Pastor: MY God, My God why hast thou forsaken me
God: I sent, you masks, a lockdown, social distancing advice and a vaccine. All to keep you safe. What the fuck else did you want from me?


Anyone who chooses to attend any church is in danger of being infected...with β€œsomething” matter what. We have a lot of β€œinfected” people in this country. Whatever diminishes their numbers is okay by me. With the percentage of people (25% nationwide, 50% in my state) foregoing the vaccinations, it is incumbent on those of us who wish to protect ourselves to be prudent in our contact anyway. So, let these delusional people go back to their churches and eliminate each other.


Some faithfools might wakeup to reality, and become agnostic or atheist.

You don’t seriously believe that, do you?

@MsKathleen Yes I do believe that. When I was a christian I read the bible cover to cover and stopped being a christian.

@MsKathleen Just because it has never happened, that doesn't mean if a miracle occurred , it couldn't happen.

@xenoview Seems to me that most of them can't concentrate on reading long enough to get past a couple of verses. What you have , by comparison, is a super-power.


For once, I hope a preacher is right.


If the people stay home, they might figure out they don't need pastors. And how will he buy that Mercedes then?

Amen, brother!

@MsKathleen Hallelujah!

They could still be good little MORONS and send a Check...πŸ˜‚

@phoenixone1 I said "might" not "would".

Thieves can be crafty. Never underestimate anything or anybody.


Or sentenced to go out and make an honest living.

BD66 Level 7 May 13, 2021

god forbid!


That person is embarasement to my state.

And it takes a whole lot to embarass the state of IL!


That statement stands somewhere between ridiculously stupid to asshole stupid. Or, let us just call it ridiculously asshole stupid.


But..but, he's RIGHT. Actually, every member of his church will die. I guarantee it. Meanwhile, that's a pretty good mechanism for scaring the gullible flock into donating more money.


Well then keep it opened, be sure to gather yourselves like sardines in a can so more of you can get infected together and drop dead. No skin will fall off my ass.


After reading the article I am even more convinced that religion can drive people crazy.

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