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LINK A Christian Apologist’s Unhealthy Attitude About Sex - YouTube

Dr. Frank Turek thinks all of society's problems revolve around sex. He's completely wrong.

snytiger6 9 May 26

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A very QUICK diagnosis of Turek's Problem with Sex imo here is this,
A) and the most likely of them all btw, is that he has been a '2-Stroker' for all of his Adult life,
B) to be certain he has a 'hard-on' HE needs a pair of Tweezers, a pinch of pepper and a Microscope JUST to find it, and last but by no means least,
C) IT may be just possible that he is married either Monica Cole or some close relative of hers.


Yes, sex is a big problem. I think about it all the time. Trying to control the sex lives of others along with dealing with corporate work models dictates most of the stress in our lives. The corporate work model is strict and does not care what you think. Put that together with the stress of sex and some people snap. Apologists like Turek simply make biblical excuses for controlling sex lives but it is not a working hypothesis. It only causes more stress.


What makes him an “Apologist”? His attempts at being logical and reasonable will never be successful, because religion is neither.


He probably has a tiny mushroom dick like trump! 🤣🤣🤣


All his mental problems are certainly caused by sex! The sex his parents had that spermed him into existence


Dr Frank Turek is again terrified of reason and logic, as usual.


Well said, all of it. Thanks, good to know there are good people out there retorting to the misguided leaders with reasoned and well presented argument.


Yea listening to Ozzy Osbourne makes you commit suicide also.

Yes, I have been listening to Ozzy for over fifty years and I keep wondering when I will kill myself. Just I will just have to wait and see.

Really, it tends to be ‘60’s lovey dovey tripe that makes me feel like that! I’m obviously more mentally disturbed than I realised 😂

@girlwithsmiles Country music……Don Williams, Statler Bros., Tanya Tucker, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings…….that would make me feel that way!!

@CuddyCruiser I guess we all have our kryptonite when it comes to music 😂

@girlwithsmiles You're more mentally disturbed, but we like you that way.

@GeorgeRocheleau thank you 😂


They revolve around his and other x'ers IDIOTIC attitude about sex maybe.

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