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LINK How the ‘good war’ went bad: elite soldiers from Australia, UK and US face a reckoning | Australian military | The Guardian

This is an interesting article. It makes me wonder if the US is going to attempt going all "Snowden" or "Asange" on the journalists that wrote the article and those who bravely told the truths about the US and UK and the deplorable war crimes each committed in the Middle East.


SeaGreenEyez 9 June 2

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There is no good war. The best that war can be is a necessary war fought in defense. The last one of those the US was involved in ended over three quarters of a century ago.


So far there has not been a great deal of evidence to support many of these accusations, just one media outlet, owned by murdoch, doing a beat up to sell news. Not that there were no crimes, but there seems to be a lot of good reputations being destroyed with nothing but rumour. And soldiers are not cops, they're not trained and they're not expected to protect the public, but to kill the enemy. If someone has been shooting at you and just wounded or killed your mate I imagine it would be pretty difficult to accept their surrender.

Nope. There are entire commission reports, UN reports/memos, leaked US military memos, photos, and whistleblowers.

All one needs to do is Google US War crimes in the Middle East and you can find all the evidence necessary to rebuke your opine.

@SeaGreenEyez I was referring to the Australians. I know nothing of the US reports.


I’m not surprised Australia made the list, my Dad didn’t think to get any of us kids anything from Vietnam like other Dads did. I’m sure I’m not the only one that saw kids wearing those military jackets. However he did bring back an Australian hat that he called a “birdie” that one of the Australians in his joint forces unit gave him as a gift. Of course it was too big for anyone but Dad to wear.
Interesting side note, did you know the Australians once declared war on emu’s?
It’s true, and the Australians lost.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 the only wars we really regret losing are the ones against the rabbits and the cane toads.


This is what happens when a national army becomes a mercenary force for corporate greed.


War is not a John Wayne movie. For most people to someone to kill they don't know, the enemy has to be dehumanized. Once that is accomplished, people can do horrible things to each other. When you see your first friend(s)killed it gets even easier. There are no "good" wars. Unfortunately their are times, very rare IMO, when they are necessary to get involved in, though if you look closely, you can see how most are unnecessary (Iraq/Viet Nam) or avoidable (WWll). Basically, humanity sucks.

How,exactly, was WWII avoidable?

@Charlene The U.S. and Britain let the French write the Treaty of Versailles. The French being really pissed off since the war was primarily fought in France went overboard in punishing Germany, destroying their economy and putting the German people in an impossible position to have any kind of life, leading to the rise of Hitler and his boys. It was not hard to get the people riled up and buying into Hitler's rhetoric. This is why we did not punish Japan and Germany so harshly after WWll. Now maybe Japan attacks us anyway, but that would not have been a world war, just a war between the U.S. and Japan, with involvement from Australia and China. These are not just my ideas, but I have come to this conclusion as have others after looking at the history. What do you think?

@Sticks48 agreed. 👍

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