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This obelisk is in rural Alabama, halfway between Birmingham and Huntsville. It marks the grave of an "infidel" - who we know to be better labeled "agnostic/atheist".

Here lies Capt. Frank Burns (1840-1909).

He arrived in this Alabama community after fighting for the South in the Civil War. He worked as a geologist and would eventually move to Washington DC to work at the Smithsonian.

Burns provided some books and artifacts to the local school. The school burned down in the 1890s. He returned to rouse the locals to fund a new building, and became the school’s major donor. The children called him Grandpa Burns.

In 1903, Burns wrote in to the “Blue Grass Blade” to explain why he was an infidel.

In 1909, feeling ill, he moved from DC back to Alabama to die. His remains were laid to rest on the campus grounds.

The steps on either side of his obelisk are all that is left of the school and Captain Burns’s legacy.

Robecology 9 July 14

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And here I thought Obelisk was Asterix best buddy. Learn something everyday.

Off topic....I had forgotten about Janeen! Kudos!


I don’t live horribly far from that area. Shoot a location and I’ll go check it out.


Wow- lots of interest here; I looked back at the fB post from the AM and found 8 pages that Frank Burns allegedly wrote explaining his path away from Christianity...and this was more than 100 years ago. Hope you can make sense of it...

Here's the last 3; didn't get printed for some reason;;


Here lies Capt. Frank Burns!
Where lies Major (Hot Lips) Houlihan?


Very interesting, thanks for sharing.


When you started your story, I thought they weren't going to bury him in the same location as Christians.

BD66 Level 8 July 14, 2021

And no Alabama xian has destroyed this memorial to a non-xian.

That was my first thought too. I was born in Alabama so know quite well how the state rolls.

@yvilletom and @Redheadedgammy - I found this after joining a relatively new group on FB just this AM. I asked questions about answers yet. I'll keep you posted if I get any.

He fought for the south so they probably think of him as a misguided hero who will eventually come round. They are still hoping for that part.

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