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I say oh hell yes. My intuition said no. What is this thing,where does it come from,why is it does it know the seemingly unknowable,how does it communicate with me within my own mind. It is always right listen or be prepared to pay the price. Without it I don't even know if I would be here. what an asset. And a great mystery.

factorbelief 6 Apr 19

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Most of us are totally unaware that our little conscious minds have a silent partner, the larger MASTER brain subconscious mind, that works 24/7, never sleeps, is aware even under anesthetics, and is in charge of all vital body functions, is directly connected to all our senses, and has control over all our memories. And it actually makes a lot of our so called "free will" decisions for us before we know we have decided. This silent partner works at 10 times the speed of our smaller thinking mind, and we ONLY are aware of the outside world through interpretations that IT makes from analyzing data from memory, our life patterns, and sensory information. If we mess up that complex brain chemistry function in our hidden MASTER brain by taking alcohol, drugs, or by being affected by things like strong emotions, religious indoctrination, trauma, or illness etc, it can malfunction. Then it can send a false interpretation of the outside world to our consciousness, and we see and experience weird things like drug trips, euphoria, having people in a room look more attractive than they really are, feeling the holy presence of Allah or Jesus, seeing ghosts, or our long dead parents, and so many other things.
Thankfully, our deeper MASTER brain works very well most of the time, and so quickly and seamlessly in our lives that we are not even aware it is there looking after us, guiding our every step and watching out for us. It sees that car speeding towards us before we are consciously aware of it, and it has already sent messages to our muscles to get out of the way before we can think what to do. And yes, it can give us hints that we call intuition or gut feelings that we do not understand. Have you thanked your MASTER brain lately for all it does? lol

You are so right. What a wonderful thing,and a great gift.


It certainly is a mystery but always right. I've always been sorry when I haven't listened to it.


its just self-preservation and as you say invaluable.


Two voices inside us. One says yes-the other no.

I'd think there could be another one that says, "Hold on a sec. Let's think on this and check it out."


The mind is a vast library just imagine every image is printed in the library so there will be times when it overlaps and you get mind giving you answers sub consciously and consciously

Rosh Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

I think what we learn and experience is embedded in us, and forms the basis for our intuitions. Whenever we experience something new, or run into a problem in which we don't see a logical solution it functions as the "what if" of our imagination, tempered by what we know.

cava Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

Intuition is simply the operation of one's unconscious mind, which has way more going on than the vast majority of us are aware of (or want to be aware of). It is like a background process on a computer.

It is often right and often wrong. The unconscious is not very rationally discerning, is quite gullible and suggestible, and yet it is also aware of a lot of connections that don't rise to the level of consciousness. I think it is most useful in guiding us in those areas that we tend to overthink consciously, particularly when they make us resistant to change or to things we know we "should" do but carry some risk or loss that we fear. Those tend to represent the situations where you say, "I wish I had listened to my gut". Or your conscience, or your "higher self".

The canonical example is that no one, on their death bed, says "I wish I had attended more business meetings" or "I wish I had bought that Maserati". They say things like "I wish I had been kinder" or "I wish I had been more present for my loved ones" or "I wish I had played more with my children" or "I wish I had risked getting to know so-and-so" or "I wish I had known myself better" -- things like that. I think the unconscious tends to stay in touch with those things better, while our conscious mind is constructing a million reasons why we need to conquer, acheive, acquire, win, compete, plan, strategize, execute and just generally "do" rather than "be", to acquire status rather than character, etc.


One of the best books on the subject is The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals by Gavin DeBecker.

THAT book should be in the hands of every female old enough to comprehend it.

I totally agree. I personally have purchased copies for many of the women in my life.


My question is what is it that makes us battle with that "instinct"???


Naw, that's just the latest Google update.


My brain. I call it my inner critic. Unfortunately it is always a day late and a dollar short... :/

My inner critic yells loudest when I try to write. Otherwise it just makes sure I'm not totally off track. And that 'day late' thing is valuable to me. I have to let something bounce around my neurons a bit. I'm slow on the uptake but I get there.

@Megalodon I totally get that! I am glad you find value in a longer process but sometimes I really needed it to show up a bit sooner. 🙂


Well, since this is a site for agnostics who really are mostly atheists, I'll say that your intuition could be your subconcious or instinct. This is a survival instinct, which pretty much (for most people) works in the background, and comes forth when a situation arises wherein it is perceived to be necessary. At least that's my take. 🙂

marga Level 7 Apr 19, 2018

We call it our Higher Self. Or Source Energy. It's part of the universal consciousness mentioned in quantum physics..that all energy is connected, and it is intelligent.

I do not think that energy is intelligent, has any meaning, awareness, personality, or purpose. It just is and nothing more

@jlynn37 LOL! We are participating in creating our own universes/realities:

“I regard consciousness as fundamental and matter as derivative from consciousness." – Max Planck, theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, 1918 Nobel Prize in Physics

I like your nomenclature for that energy that, from my experience, is there.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be changed.

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