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It did not take long for the Taliban to start imposing their vile misogyny on the population: []

anglophone 8 Sep 12

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It is pretty shiitty what is happing to these women but the reality is the more we try to push our standards on the Taliban, the less likely they are to change their ways. They need to sort this out on their own. We are dealing with human beings here.......


misogyny..... Oh please, get off your high horses.

Other societies don't define values according to how we want them. They also don't have the need for #MeToo and high crime. Their kids don't die in hot cars when left alone, they don't have "baby sitting", kids go wherever they go, they don't go if kids can't, there is no concept of retirement homes where parents live and die and although you see so many Taliban guns, not one Taliban went and shot little kids in elementary schools. Somone introduced a man to me... he is my ex-mother in law's sister's ex-boyfriend. You will not find this in Afghanistan. They have many things different and it works for them. We have to give them a chance. They have a rich history of own empires, art, culture, trade etc. long before the US was born and long before the UK became a big colonial power. Their grand ancient mosques will put any cathedral in the US to shame in architecture and grandeur. Remember they have not attacked any country. It is proven that Saudis were involved in 9/11. The US govt knew it, hid it from us and did not attack Saudi after 9/11 because they have oil.

My brother, sister and I went to boys only and girls only schools from K2 in India. In college/university, girls sat in separate rows. We all got higher education overseas. The sister did a great career in India. We never dated until we stood on own feet. We never had seperate bedrooms and parents died in our homes. In our life journey many men gave us help, guidance, support of many kinds. You could accuse the same men of misogyny, oppression, non-equality etc. That is how it is in Afghanistan too.

Stop judging other societies by our standards. We are not righteous. We have many super rotten things in our society.

Learn from other cultures. We have shiny buildings, not a shiny culture.

There have been big natural calamities in Japan like tsunamis, floods, typhoons, earthquakes, cyclones, and even volcanic eruptions... but not once people looted stores or ransacked anything. How many times do we see store looting and widespread disorder in the very rich country of ours?

Snap out of your fake greatness hallucination.


Was anyone expecting something different? They won, again! They didn’t change, and never will.


Who did NOT see that coming.

For me it was a matter of when, not if.

It was not unexpected. LooK at some photos from the Soviet occupation - women in mini skirts; and who built and paid and armed the Taliban, Ronald Reagan and the CIA.


Not surprising at all

BD66 Level 8 Sep 12, 2021

Glad I didn’t vote for that retard

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