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LINK New Hampshire Now Least Religious State in U.S.

20% in New Hampshire very religious, compared with 63% in Mississippi
Most religious states continue to be in South, along with Utah
Least religious states in Northeast and Northwest, plus Hawaii

snytiger6 9 Sep 22

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At least Alabama lols


Great news if you live in New Hampster (sp) but be it known that I am only conservative with my own money. Not a conservative atheist for sure. I am a Progressive.


Let’s hear it for my Granite State!


At least Mississippi is first in something.

Such a shitty state. Feel sorry for some parts. Part of the state's middle section (mostly black) is on a UN watch list because much of their drinking water is contaminated with sewage, etc. With just that statistic, how can anyone claim US greatness.

You mean besides unwed pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases?


Being free of religion fits nicely with the State motto of Live Free or Die! 😉

As a NH resident I would like to say that I refer to the motto as Live Free AND die. only 59% of the population is vaccinated for covid-19. The Dept. of Health is not tracking school clusters of covid-19. Our hospitals are maxed out and 20% of the covid cases are under the age of 18. The sign "Trump 2024, Save America Again" is a common sight as is the confederate flag and the (republican) governor is defunding Planned Parenthood even though he had previously claimed that he was "pro-choice". If I could choose anywhere in the world to live right now, it would not be NH.

@MyTVC15 You're right. As itself has often proven, lack of religion doesn't always translate to liberal politics, as we have many conservative atheists here. So conservatism is still very popular in NH and has always been, even without religious belief. Conservatism is based on more than that in a lot of cases, such as greed, selfishness, or a lack of empathy or compassion for those worse off or for strangers as a whole. I have also heard that NH has a longstanding view of supporting limited government, which is also a big part of conservative beliefs, except for the hypocrisy of supporting restrictions on abortion, etc. where conservatives are all for government action that suits their purposes. Libertarians also support only very limited government, but they also hypocritically are glad to use public roads, fire services, Medicare, etc.

@MyTVC15 Used to be hard core Republican , but has shifted over the years. Still has pockets, but improving

@Canndue A lot of free-stater Libertarians have moved in. They think that NH is up for grabs.

@MyTVC15 still democratic senators

@MyTVC15 I actually hate most Libertarians more than I do conservatives, because they are, in some ways, even more selfish. They want to have all the freedoms and liberties, but they don't want to ante up or pay for any of it. I find it to be the most immature and selfish of all political viewpoints on the spectrum. At least many conservatives do believe in paying at least something for the common good. The downside is that many conservatives, esp. the religious ones, also believe in suppressing dissent from the establishment and in discriminating against minorities as well as oppressing women.

@Canndue I heard that Sununu is going to run against Hassan.

@MyTVC15 sununu needs to go bye-bye. Hassan is pretty good, let’s keep her strong

@MyTVC15 Put some of these on…’ll drive them nuts!!

@Canndue Sununu is pretty popular and he knows it and I think we are stuck with him for a while either as Gov or as Senator. Hassan and Shaheen are "republican lite" in my opinion. But then again I am a bleeding heart, progressive liberal, commie loving social democrat. 🙂

@MyTVC15 that’s the best kind


I think I would like to move to New Hampshire, but it's to damn cold there.

Now is the time to buy in NH actually!!!!
In 20 years you will have you some valuable ocean front Mediterranean property!?!😎

And that’s in the summer!

Can be …pleasant

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