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Whole app lliberals?

Is this whole app full of extremist liberals? I mean I’m libertarian if I gotta choose, but come on.

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cchristiansen 3 Apr 20

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theres pleanty of conservatives and Trump supporters on here so i wouldnt say this site is all liberal. i was canadian born so i am a bit of a socialist. @ universal healthcare!


I am a flaming liberal who favors a speeedy death penalty & enjoys shooting pistols. Good luck with your sad generalization-centric way of thinking.

Well said

I am surprised he didn't call all that are not right wingers libtards. I'm a veteran and a gun owner but also open minded. I vote for my best interest and it happens to be left of center, the conservative base in my opinion are nazis, white supremacists and kkk.

@jonds56 well put!


I am a liberal, but I dislike your use of the term "extremist liberals". That is a gross and incorrect generalization. That in itself is prejudice on your part. And it shuts down any chance for a productive conversation. Liberalism should not be conflated with extremist this way.

As a lifelong liberal, I have never seen an extremist liberal, only people who assume and accuse.

marga Level 7 Apr 21, 2018



This site is ultimately for free thinkers. I've found that people who are able to form thoughts of their own tend to sway left of center, not to any extreme. That's just my observation anyway. But if liberalism bothers you, man, you might not be as open-minded as you think.

I never said liberalism bothered me. I have some agreements with “liberal thinking”. Such as atheism, on the fence with abortion but lean towards mothers choice and legalization of marijuana. However, I don’t subscribe to any one party. I believe is mall government and people’s choice to do what they want as long as they don’t assault or defraud me. What you do to yourself is up to you. I’m as basic as that. However those viewpoints tend to lead people to label me as libertarian. I believe in logical thinking and data. Very easy and simple


All these people here suffering with severe cases of empathy how terible; got to be tough on those that live in fear and care only about themselves.


I prefer to think of myself as a Progressive.

JK666 Level 7 Apr 21, 2018

I don't think of myself as a liberal or a conservative because I want to vote for what I've seen work in the past fifty years. If Conservatives believed in what they claim to believe in they would all vote Democrat. If you like broken economies and crumbling infrastructure with lax regulations that cause ecological disasters, keep voting for the people that have been destroying Western Civilization. They keep trying the same old shit and always get the same results but demand they can try it again because this time it'll be different.

You sir have hit it right on the head.


Your poll lists two choices:

  1. Liberal
  2. Other

Your introduction lists two different choices:

  1. whole app full of extremist liberals
  2. … but come on.

I did a search and could not find an objective definition of the term "extremist liberal." If you have one, would you please post it in a comment? Thank you.

MikeEC Level 7 Apr 21, 2018

Extremist: (as defined by the dictionary) a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action

Liberal is a political view. When you combine them you magically get the left extreme. Hard math I know, but you’ll catch on.

@cchristiansen Now please reread my post very carefully and maybe you will "catch on."

I did not ask for a definition of "liberal."
I did not ask for a definition of "extremist".

I did ask for an objective definition of "extremist liberal."

I did not ask for anything "magical," and do not understand what it has to do with this discussion.
I did not ask for "hard math," and do not understand how it enters into this discussion.

So, if you are not going to respond to my question by providing an objective (look that one up) definition of "extremist liberal," please do not respond at all. Thank you.

@PappyOnWings I think it’s pretty simple. Two words were put together. Each of those words have a definition and meaning. I answered you’re question. The dictionary isn’t going to give you a definition of multiple word sequences. That’s like asking what it means to be a “blue van”. You’ll get pictures but no true definition. You need to be intelligent enough to understand what blue means and what a van is.

That’s called an adjective and a noun.


Not a thing...a life long socialist!


Enjoy listening to other people's political views. Definitely lean liberal.


I'm just me


Other - Make my own decisions based on my own evaluation of issues.


What's with the confrontational posture?
Are you TRYING to alienate yourself from everyone else?
I mean, if you are, fine. Just don't try to mask it with passive/aggressive queries.


Living in the south most conservative have strong opinions about agnostics. religion plays a huge part of our government and usually not in my benefit.


You should have made different options for “liberal” and “extreme liberal”. I’m a liberal but I have a lot of conservative values. I don’t think safe spaces are healthy and I haven’t been convinced that a man who feels like a woman is a woman or vice versa.

I don’t know how to add multiple options. Hence the reason there are only two. I’m new here lol.

Until you educate yourself on gender issues, I highly advise you NOT to make comments about transgender people to that affect. People who are transgender are born with their brains imprinted with hormones from both genders, usually with the opposite gender stronger.

They don't "want" to be the opposite gender, they just "are." The same as if you woke up one day with a female body, you'd still think and feel like you were a man.
You'd feel horrified and ashamed of your body..maybe even start having panic attacks and getting depressed. That's called "gender dysphoria."

@birdingnut Nice comment, hope it did some good

@cchristiansen Ok gotcha. 🙂

@birdingnut Thanks for your response. 🙂 Just to clear stuff up—he was wondering how extreme the liberals on this site are so I thought it was relevant to list reasons why I’m an unextreme liberal.

I only mentioned what I was unconvinced by. I didn’t make a comment about transgender people. My comments will never contain hatred of anyone. I can’t help what I’m convinced by, but one thing that I have been convinced by is that everyone is worthy of love.

Please understand that I’m listening and willing to learn. I’m not proud or unproud of my opinions.

As it happens, I’m confused by what it means to feel like a man or a woman. I’ve never felt like either. I’ve simply known that I’m a man.

I know everyone’s different, but if I woke up with a male brain in a female body, I would not be ashamed of or horrified at it. I would only see that there’s a new pair of things in the universe that don’t match (my body and my brain). It’s not important to me that I have a penis while being aggressive or a vagina while being empathetic.

I hope it’s clear that I don’t want a fight, but I would love to get to know your thoughts on this! I love to get to know you too! 🙂

@BeOPSVMo You have no idea what you would feel like if you woke up in a woman's body, and are only speaking from the viewpoint of a cis gender. It would be the same as if you made some comment like that about gay people..implying that something was wrong with them.

Trangender people are usually BORN feeling and believing they are the opposite gender of their assigned gender. Doctors used to believe that one's gender identity was purely a social construct (as many on this forum also seem to think) so when a baby was born with intersex genitals and they couldn't tell which gender it was was, they'd arbitrarily operate to make it female, since that's a relatively easy operation.

Later, as the children grew up, a third of them were OK with it, but two thirds were upset, identifying as male despite their operations, and later many sued the doctors, and tried to get restoration surgery.
Scientists think a third were genetically wired to be girls, a third to be male, and a third were nonbinary. Otherwise half would be happy, and half unhappy.

@birdingnut I completely trust that many folks have had the problems you say they’ve had, and it’s terrible that they have.

I wonder why it ends up being so important to people that all their body’s gender, their gender identity, and how they are gendered by others match. I’m very sure that I wouldn’t have a problem if I woke up in a woman’s body. I’ve been mistaken as a female, as gay, as ten years younger than I was, and as mentally deficient without caring that I was.

I have girly and manly attributes, young and old ones, smart and stupid ones, good and evil ones, and blood from many different ethnicities. Nothing about me has ever matched, and I’ve always been ok with it.

I would never pick on someone for being different than me or for having a different opinion than me, and I can imagine a scenario where a brain is set up to maintain a female body while it’s in a male one, but I hope we don’t ignore that another part of the solution, if only a temporary one, is to help people be ok, on the level of consciousness, with the beautiful mosaic they are.

@BeOPSVMo (sigh) You really must learn that not all people see things through your own gender lens. You sound possibly nonbinary or at least androgyne. Apparently you don't have dysphoria, but are a contented androgyne as I am, accepting both your gender sides.

Most high IQ people are also androgyne, I assume because they have access to both sides of the brain, since studies show male traits are mostly on the right hemisphere of the brain, and female traits on the left. Having access to both is an advantage in intelligence.

However, before I stumbled across derris scandens, a Thai herb used as a muscle relaxer which cured my dysphoria and blended the perspectives of both gender sides, I was gender fluid-moving back and forth between male and female gender perspectives, with one side resentful of, and hating, the other gender side. It was almost enough to drive me to start taking male hormones to stop the panic attacks, depression and horror at the sight of my female body in the mirror.

Gender dysphoria can drive people to suicide. I'm not sure how much societal and personal acceptance counts, since I felt this way in Thailand, where transgender people are common, and accepted in Thai Buddhism. I didn't even know I was partially transmale until 2014, when a transwoman friend from high school outed me to myself.

@birdingnut I'm really sorry that that happened to you.


I consider the question a perfect example of the kind of black & white thinking I’ve come to expect from modern conservatives, or regressives. With the last presidential election, I agreed with 30% of one candidates desires, leaving 70% agreement with the other. So I supported ‘the other,’ and when around political constituents of that persustion, advocated for changing what I didn’t agree with.

Over the years, I’ve pissed off ‘both sides’ … just as around here to some extent.. I’m loyal, but not a team player, as in supporting anything the team does.. So, ‘Liberal,’ in the tone of rush limbo … or by definition? No category for me.. so I won’t waste a vote ~

Varn Level 8 Apr 21, 2018

Damm I guess I'm an extremist, whatever that is.


I wouldn't consider myself extreme liberal, I probably fall somewhere in the middle. I might even be closer to conservative.


Still waiting for a response. Can you please expound on your definition of "extremist liberals"??
I take it the heading for your post was meant to real "Is the whole app full of liberals?"
Please correct me if I've misunderstood your intent.
You did come across as quite confrontational and accusatory.

I already responded to a similar comment. Read posts.

@cchristiansen I do. When I posted, you had not yet replied to any of the responses to your original post. Thanks for the directive though. Most helpful.


We have a Libertarian Group here-Libertarian Atheists. Correction Libertarian Agnostics.


I'm a Libertarian. Although I don't agree with every single stance in the Libertarian platform. But that's the nice thing about being a Libertarian. You don't have to march in lock step with every single item on the Libertarian agenda in order to be one.

I know you can hold objective views within the Democratic Party and not be labeled ‘A DINO’ 😀 But I well remember when the R’s were purging their ‘party’ of moderates … they even lost me 😉


I took a political party quiz online and landed just northeast of center so I'm slightly more conservative/republican. I dislike extremists on all sides.


I'm liberal leaning, but if we're talking politics, then I'm a transhumanist. I like their socio political stance on things.


I definitely lean libertarian.


It only seems liek the people hwere are liberals. The peopel here base the ideology on facts. It happens that liberals (mostly) also base theri ideology on facts. So, the ideologies of liberals and atheists are very similar, although not entirely the same.

You got it there

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