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LINK 'Alien Reptile' Cultist Sherry Shriner Is 'The Epitome of Evil' in Vice's 'The Devil You Know' Season 2 Clip (Exclusive Video)TheWrap

The Qanon cult with their with their wild conspiracy theories that many people appearing to be humans are actually reptilians pretending to be humans and that nearly all people in power in government and banking and entertainment worship Satan and rape and murder children had their start years ago.

This show is also available on Hulu and probably streaming other places.

Chilling that people believe this crap.

Remembering that man who stabbed his two small children to death with a spear gun because he believed hey were possessed.
These cultists are incredibly dangerous, and media that is easily accessible like FOX and OAN is openly promoting it.

BufftonBeotch 8 Oct 26

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Of course we all have a zone in heads known as 'the lizard brain'....


We in social sciences are still at a very early stage of researching the new cults of fear and stupidity. I find it very interesting how enough lies or falsehoods given enough airtime produces an overflow into the general population.
I believe it is very similar to how Imams stir up violence in people who were just getting on with their lives.
Conformity by stealth, fed steadily into lower thinkers in society who then by numbers overthrow the system causing the middle thinkers to follow along for an easy life.
The NAZIs employed this to rise to power and this can be seen in Afghanistan today where the few turn the many against themselves where conforming through thought coercion is joined with open violence.


Shriner did not grow up mentally. A "messenger of the most high god." Look back into the OT and you find god on a mountain. The most high god was on the most high mountain. Lizard people come out of a TV series where aliens were here to take our water. Add a little "Q" and you have this dangerous crap. She should be locked up and not allowed a platform for this nonsense.

A TV show in the 80's or 90's called "V" I believe. I've been thinking the same thing. They're conspiracy theories sound like bad TV shows and movies.


And now they have members in government……..Marjorie Taylor. Stupid Bitch deserves to be slapped around.


I can't even with these whackos.


It says she died January 18, 2021.
I guess a reptilian got her.

The one named Tobackee. Heavy smoker even after two heart attacks and lung issues.

@BufftonBeotch Whatever, good riddance. Hard to believe how CRAZY Republicans are, and when I say that, I mean EVERY, SINGLE ONE.


Isn't this more or less a central theme of Scientology?

The Xenu?
Or that tacky 80's sci-fi mini series V?
All involving latter letters of the alphabet.
Are we supposed to believe THAT is just a coincidence? heh

@BufftonBeotch What's his name--uh, L. Ron Hubbard, proved that a good science fiction writer can invent a very successful religion. Mohamed is another good example.

@mischl Islam is just a spin-off though. Nothing really all that different from the other two Abrahamic religions.
Mormon is another late to the game crazy. Literally involves the founder talking into a hat and magic underwear that even married people have to wear in bed constantly.

@mischl l ron proved that a bad sci fi writer can invent a successful religion. I tried to read his work and it bored me, I can not remember much about the one I tried reading just the fact the I kept falling asleep, or reread passages as my brain shut down in self defence.

@Budgie I have to confess that I never read ANYTHING he wrote, either religious or science fiction. Although I have watched some of the documentary films about Scientology. If I wanted to be a successful criminal, I would think about becoming one of their gurus. But naah, I don't have it in me.


QAnon and the current GQP are all total bullshit. Notice I put a "Q" in there please. We need to distance from QAnon but we also must stop the political hate.

But not many members of the repub party seem willing to distance themselves from even the wackiest of the cray-cray.

@BufftonBeotch That is true


If from Vice news could be a interesting expose'

bobwjr Level 10 Oct 26, 2021

It was interesting. The cult leader, Sherry Shriner was educated at Liberty University. A place of mis-education mentioned on this site from time to time.

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