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LINK Christian Conspiracist: Accepting Faith-Healing Will Make Hospitals Obsolete

Dave Hayes is a Christian activist known as the “Praying Medic” and an extremely vocal QAnon supporter. Not surprisingly, he’s known for making bonkers conspiratorial claims and just flat-out lying to his audience. (Last month, for example, he told a struggling man he was “healed” after a painful loss… based on absolutely nothing.)

But what he did this week was just laughably egregious.

Speaking with MAGA cultist YouTuber Patrick Gunnels, Hayes explained how people needed to accept God’s healing powers — and if they did, it would make our traditional health care system obsolete.

snytiger6 9 Jan 7

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Interesting that, other than their staged performances, those folks will never show up at a hospital to demonstrate their supposed powers.


Accepting faith healing will make you an idiot. If there was ever a god, and ever was faith healing, why would people have to "accept" that before this god would try out his faith healing on us? This is almost as dumb as saying you can fly if you jump out the window, and all you have to do is believe it.


This asshole will kill people

Yup, he will.


Taking bets right now: he gets chest pains, breaks a bone, etc etc etc, he shows up at an ER...yay or nay?


It would certainly make hospitals obsolete for those who believe him. They would be dead. Health insurance companies must fund this nitwit! 😂


We must stay as far away as possible from these people. We don't want them to infect us only their followers should be affected.


I would have got a good laugh out of that when I believed in the bs and know it's more funny to me.


Hopefully Patrick will get very sick, soon, and we can test his theory.

5'd do a LOT for the mortuary business!

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