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LINK GOP lawmaker's bill would make the "Holy Bible" Oklahoma's official state book

(It's wierd. I've read the bible, but I don't remember any mention of Oklahoma anywhere in it.)

In news that will surprise nobody, a Republican lawmaker from Oklahoma has filed a bill to make the “Holy Bible” the “official state book.” As if the state wasn’t Christian enough already.

House Bill 3890 was filed this week by State Rep. Tammy Townley, whose own press release about the bill made it clear her only justification for doing this is that she’s part of a religious majority in her state and everyone else can shove it.

snytiger6 9 Jan 22

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What the... How many "different faiths" other than Xianity does she think it's integral to?


Meaningless culture war dipshittery aimed at dipshits because they're dipshits.


That seems to violate Separation of Church & State and additionally obviously endorses one religion over others.


So much for separation of church and state. Next will come the holey wars if it continues. Too bad they don't learn from history.


I can't stand people like that. They are basically giving everyone who don't believe the same as they do a great big middle finger.


Oklahoma is where the Satanists were going to erect their monument to Satan on state property because the state had allowed all religions access to public lands in order to preserve a Ten Commandments monument set up on public property. In the end, the state decided to reverse their decision and had the Ten Commandments monument moved to private property and didn't allow the Satanists their monument.

If ever there was a clearer example of a violation of the First Amendment's separation of church and state principle than this Oklahoma bill, i don't know what it would be. I have to wonder if the recent shift in the Supreme Court has enboldened religious extremists. I would tend to believe that it has.

I agree. I have a feeling depending on where you live, the coming years people are going to have religion jammed down our throats whether they want it or not. They are petrified of people who think differently than themselves.


Welcome to the American Taliban.


What has that asshole got against the Holy Koran?

Why is she a Christian supremacist?

Which flavor of christianity is she, and which bible is she saying is the true one?

@xenoview Hellfire and Brimstone Catholicism, and the Septuagint.


Poor Tammy. Her bill will most likely not pass but she will find out in the end that other faiths will have to have equal time in any religious venture. What does the bibble have to do with Oklahomer?

These people believe their god and their Buybull is the only truth out there. She will find out this isn’t the case when her bill goes down in flames. They just do this shit for attention.

Sadly, and a bit obviously, everything.


The Xtians can feel their majority status slipping away and it scares the bejeesus out of them.

MizJ Level 8 Jan 22, 2022

Serves the arrogant Christian fuckers right.


I doubt it will pass, if it does the FFRF or ACLU will take it to court.


Description of the Bible is straight on.

@tinkercreek Made a shirt out of it plus about a dozen more.

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