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Is it just me? Are there more religious crazies coming out of the wood works since the pandemic started? Hearing about those crazies makes me glad I made the decision to be an Atheist nearly 4 years ago and found this community. I'm happier as a Liberal Atheist. I do feel a little shame for being religious for most my life.

freedom41 8 Jan 26

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No need to feel "shame". You made the change.
The past is the past.


You saved yourself from all that nonsense so well doneπŸ‘


Like many people, you were raised in a family of believers, who indoctrinate their children from birth to adulthood. Never feel shame for something that was pushed on you as a child. Be glad that you figured it all out and left that garbage behind. We are glad you’re here! πŸ€—


Nothing to be ashamed of, you have put religion in the past. You can educate the ignorant, but you can't do anything for the stupid.


I think it is more related to "Trumpism" than to the pandemic.

You make a good point.

As a result of trump, we are a lost society, pandemic sure helps, religious zealots are just taking advantage of the situation.


I think you should be mightily pleased with yourself. You broke the chains of mental bondage in which others bound you.

And yes, the religious crazies are coming out of the woodwork in Australia, which coming out is being orchestrated by dangerous psychopaths.


No it is NOT just you friend, like rats and cockroaches the Religiotards tend to emerge enmass as soon as your back is turned or your guard is down.
So chin up, keep on being an Atheist and VERBALLY stomp a Religiotard at every opportunity.


Never be ashamed of ignorance, never be ashamed of mistakes, never be ashamed of what you have done, for every baby is born ignorant, prone to error and selfish, we all have to grow up. Only be ashamed if you are too lazy cowardly or too uncaring to change and move on, when you have reason to know or do better. You did, so rant over.


All the information that is available...factual, evidence based information flies in the face of religious beliefs. Rather than accept the truth and reevaluate their lives/beliefs they deny it and get pretty crazy about it. Denying reality would make me crazy too, it has in the past actually. I certainly echo your statement.


While they've been with us all along , their loud stupidity and lack of a current war , has increased their visibility in both the news and media . These days we frequently see where religious leaders who stood against any efforts to prevent or reduce the spread of the corona virus , are dying from the disease , and that's how they are making the headlines .


It is not just you. Trumpism, the pandemic, and extremely uncertain times has made more religious crazies come out of the woodwork. Along with this, take a look at recent suicides. From the young to the actor who voiced Charlie Brown. Lies and uncertain times produce confused people.

Stupid people too.


It's definitely affecting people but I think it'll be a while before we understand (if we ever do).πŸ™‚

From Salon: 'COVID-19 is making us less religious β€” with some curious exceptions'. []

@RichCC Good article. Thanks

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜‰


Group think is a dangerous thing. You need not be ashamed of what you were born into….

Buck Level 7 Jan 26, 2022


Not all of were borne upon or under these cretinous religious beings!!!

@of-the-mountain Of course not….but most of us are subjected to cultural conditioning regardless of where we’re born.

Cultural conditioning is a sign of belonging, the vast majority are mentally conditioned to obey!!!
The problem is a few will always not have the aptitude to conform to complete moronic idiocy!!!


Cream always rises to the top. Sometimes it has more milk and water to go through than other times so it takes longer.

Cream like milk sours under the right conditions!!!


Be Proud…….You quit something that’s as hard as quitting drugs / alcohol.


I think they have been there all along.

As they see the walls closing in, they have become more vocal.

@racocn8 Just like the bunch of dangerous crazies known as the "Australia One" party.


Put extra stress on the population and there will be many who will turn to anything, including religion. Like a drowning man who will grab at anything, a life bouy or a life guard but those who are already on the fringe will quickly devolve into drinking seawater and trying to swim with the sharks.


I think as religions go on the decline, there will be many "crazies" who will come out to try to defend it or keep it going.


Trump and the spineless obstructionist republican fascists bought out before the 2020 election!!!

They tried to make the Pandemic the catalyst for a religious, cultural, enslavement of all of us!!!


I'm just legitimately curious, does one DECIDE to be an atheist by changing his beliefs, or by changing his label?

Neither in my case.


Because of the leftist / socialist / Marxist / Communist leanings of most users of this site, I tend to discount most opinions and viewpoints expressed herein.

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