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LINK Man kills 3 children, 1 other and himself at California church : NPR

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A man shot and killed his three children, their chaperone and himself during a supervised visit with the kids Monday at a church in Sacramento, California, authorities said.

Deputies responding to reports of gunfire around 5 p.m. found five people dead, including the shooter, at the church in the Arden-Arcade neighborhood, said Sgt. Rod Grassmann with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office.

The victims included three juveniles under 15 years old, Grassmann said. He didn't know their genders.

The shooter was estranged from the children's mother, who had a restraining order against him, Sheriff Scott Jones said.

snytiger6 9 Mar 1

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But the NRA will fight any and every Red Flag law tooth and nail. This may not be a 100% solution, but it could stop some.


Mental health issues can be more lethal than physical health issues.

BUT was his a so-called Mental Health issue as such or just a pretence in an effort to get more access to the children by taking anti-psychotic drugs needlessly?
Both you and I know full well are more than aware of what REALLY Mental Issues are like, what they can and cannot do.

Especially when people like Trump make it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns...


IF anyone is so INTENT upon dying/killing themselves WHY the fuck do they feel the need to take others with them?

The need for revenge, which need was driven by rage. The correlation between the (non-existent) "right to bear arms" coupled with mental health issues and the rate of gun deaths in the USA is as plain as day to me.

@anglophone Please do NOT try to make excuses for, imo, the absolutely INEXCUSABLE, i.e. taking of INNOCENT lives as an act of " I got you back for Leaving me now your kids are dead."
Problem there is that the absolute FUCK-TARD forgot completely that they WERE his COMPLETELY INNOCENT children as well.
Mate, I've dealt with far more than a few of these after-maths over the years and with reading what these fuck-tards have written and left behind the ONLY thing on their deranged minds at the was MAKING the estranged spouse PAY in tears and sorrow, nothing else, just sheer, unadulterated HATRED to the max.

@Triphid My observation (conjecture?) is merely that, and nothing by way of making any excuses for him.

@anglophone THERE ARE no excuses for the Murdering of his INNOCENT children and the person whose care they were in at the time.
Imo, there SHOULD and NEEDS to laws that are enacted regarding Murder-Suicides where the Murdered Victims are RIGHTLY permitted to be buried/cremated with any and all due services, etc, BUT the Suicide-Murderer ONLY gets an un-marked grave, no burial ceremony, etc, etc, just as was done with those executed in prison in the days gone by.

I think it is an extreme example of "misery loves company".

@snytiger Oh REALLY, you arrived at that conclusion HOW may one ask?
Please do us ALL the honour of displaying your fine and excellent credentials as a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist I am ever so eager to see and examine them as, I assume numerous others.


That takes care of 5 problems (present and future). Seems the restraining order was warranted.

" Takes care of 5 problems," are you that cruel and heartless that these 4 other innocent lives now LOST for all time mean absolutely ZERO to you?

@Triphid Yes. Death is an illusion. It doesn’t happen, in my view. Therefore, life is only significant in how it affects this illusion. These folks were likely not going to be helpful.

@rainmanjr Oh PLEASE grow a brain CAPABLE of comprehending the ENGLISH language.
Ps, I do NOT give a ducks fart as to your, imo, inane views and concepts regarding Life and Death since I have seen them first hand NUMEROUS times.
And, since, to borrow your own words, you are nought but an ILLUSION then in approx. 20 minutes or less I shall rid myself PERMANTLY of this Illusion that calls itself rainmanjr.


I'm guessing the church, like most churches, doesn't allow weapons in the church, but they didn't search him when he came in. The church was probably a neutral site for the supervised visit with his kids and he lost it mentally before he came there. I bet the church will think twice in the future before allowing itself to be used as a parental visiting site for estranged parents. At least he had enough class to kill himself and save the taxpayers the cost of a trial and his imprisonment, too bad he was selfish enough to take everybody else with him.


These fucks are sick and should be locked up for life.

Apparently he wasn't willing to suffer that.

@TomMcGiverin I was once one of the biggest supporters of the death penalty. The Oklahoma City bombing by Timothy McVeigh was the beginning of the end of that when he said he would rather die than do life in prison. But t was a slow process that took ten years.

Er, he will be, in a box in a grave in a 6' x4' x 6' hole in the ground but the others deserved NOT be killed did they not.


What a piece of shit


I too, seventy years ago, didn’t want to bring more kids into a fucked up and overcrowded world.

I was a believing Catholic and was threatened with hellfire if I used birth control. My overburdened and occasionally violent parents applied some trauma. I tossed them and their Catholicism. I chose agnosticism and in grad school met a woman who also didn’t want children. We married and while it lasted had a spouse-swapping good time.

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