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The score was tied at seven all.
When Franklin found he had the ball.
He made a connection in the other direction,
and the crowd started hollering interjections.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 25, 2018

HOORAY! I'm for the other team!


When my son was in school in the 90's I found the whole set in VHS format at a yard sale. I might still have them in a box somewhere.

I have them on DVD, digital versions on a hard drive and all of the audio files including cover versions on my phone in a playlist. I treasure them. ❤?

Nice! I'll have to search out some of the cover versions.


Here's some videos to get you started. ???


Thank you, Sir! Much appreciated.


Aw.... I passed many exams singing those songs while testing.


I was all about Interplanet Janet back then...❤

She's a galaxy girl...a solar system Midge from a future world...?


It started off as a bump
then it turned into a lump
it was a jagged lump
it was a ragged lump
they made him take a big shot in his rump
cause his tumor was cancerous

(to the tune of unpack your adjectives)


We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and ......

My entire 8th grade class could sing this from memory.

BD66 Level 7 Apr 24, 2018

Remember I'm Just a Bill.


That makes me so sad. Such a huge part of my actual education. "Conjunction Junction" , "I'm just a Bill" and "Rupert Xavier Sarsparilla" all run through my head to this day.

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