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LINK South Carolina Brings Back Death By Firing Squad

On Friday, the state Department of Corrections said revisions to the death chamber where the executions will take place were completed, The New York Post reported. State legislation put in place on May 14, 2021, made the electric chair the primary form of execution in the state and allowed inmates the option to choose between lethal injection or death by firing squad.

The new death chamber sits in Columbia and cost $53,600 to build. It holds a metal chair with restraints that faces a wall with a rectangular opening where three shooters can carry out the sentence.

Prisoners will have a hood over their heads and be allowed to make a final statement. Witnesses will be able to watch the execution behind bullet-proof glass.

The return of death by firing squad comes after a decade-long pause in carrying out death sentences because of the state’s inability to obtain lethal injection drugs, Fox News reported.

snytiger6 9 Mar 23

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Death by firing squad. That one is easy to fake if none of the shooters had any bullets. Go through it like a plan and put the would be victim in a protection program.

Oh, for fuck's sake...


and they probably won't give you a last cigarette because it would be bad for your health


I was once a huge supporter of the death penalty. That began to change after Tim McVeigh blew up the Federal Building in 1995 and it took 10 years for me to do so. But I still have to acknowledge, though not in this particular case that sometimes, rarely it’s the only option.

I am against the death penalty for several reasons.

Several persons were found to have been wrongly convicted after they had been put to death. You can't undo death.

The death penalty isn't really a deterrent, because criminals don't usually believe they will ever be caught.

All the appeals for death penalty cases cost more than it does to just house a prisoner for life.

Death ends punishment too early. I'd rather a guilty person have to live out their life in a prison environment, than have their suffering cut short by beign put to death.


How much, exactly, would it cost me to get drump declared a citizen of this fine state? Swampland should be pretty cheap......


Next year it will be the guillotine.

The problem with the guillotine is that death is not always instantaneous. The head may live 30 seconds or slightly longer after it is removed.

@snytiger6 nit picking! Being shot does not always cause instantaneous death either. And a functional head without a body is as dead as a brain dead body with an artificially kept alive body.

@Barnie2years I am against the death penalty, but if they are going to put people to death it should either be instantaneous or as painless as possible.




Live in South Carolina? Die in South Carolina!

How about never visit South Carolina.

@snytiger6 Been there ONCE, could not get out the state fast enough.


So, and I could be wrong here but, they intend to still have, in this modern day and age, 3 persons hidden behind a wall firing rifles through an opening, correct?
Sound to me much like yet another episode of " How to spread 'Murican Bullshit" to sell more newspapers.


When faux noise reports anything you know it's suspicious. Actually, one of the most 'humane' forms of execution is the guillotine.

I don't know about that. It doesn't cause instant death, and it's been said that a decapitated head can expirence pain and motor functions for a brief time after death. Not to mention the state of the body for some type of funeral service afterwards


Typical mentality. Spend more money on killing prisoners than the justice system which puts an awful lot of them there.


$53,600 of the taxpayers money, huh? What a bunch of suckers.

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