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LINK Florida Republicans Took Big Money From Ex-Congressman Who Wooed Underage Boys

Prominent Republicans have slammed critics of Florida's new sex education bill that critics call "Don't Say Gay" as "groomers" and "pedophiles."

But some Florida Republicans are meanwhile accepting financial contributions from the old campaign committee of an ex-congressman who sent sexually explicit messages to underage boys working as congressional pages.

Former Republican Rep. Mark Foley, who resigned his West Palm Beach district seat over the 2006 messaging scandal, has made $118,250 in donations and sponsorship to the Republican Party of Palm Beach County since 2010 through his ex-campaign committee Friends of Mark Foley for Congress.

snytiger6 9 Apr 10

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Well no we know how much a seat in Congress costs.


What is a pedophile?

Pedophilia has to do with a sexual attraction to children, usually prepubescent.

@snytiger6 Sorry, not what I meant, I was referring to the person the topic of the post. Definitely pedophile.

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