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LINK Canadians say evangelicals hurt society more than any other religion

(They must not have Apostolics there. It seems there is ALWAYS a worse or more harmful religion.)

When it comes to religion in Canada, most adults believe Catholics, evangelicals, and Muslims do more harm than good. All three religions had a net negative score when people were asked if their members helped or hurt Canadian society. Evangelical Christians received the lowest scores.

Those are some of the takeaways from a new survey conducted by the polling group Angus Reid.

snytiger6 9 Apr 19

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I agree with this survey. I live in a hotbed of fundamentalist and evangelical Christians. I dated a Christian and had to sit through a family Christian Music act that was horrendously bad on any scale and yet....because it was CHRISTIAN MUSIC, they all applauded and bought CD's of that gawd awful music. On the darker side, I have seen a woman, married to an abusive alcoholic husband, forced to get up in front of their congregation, and "repent her sins" for not blindly obeying his drunken abusive demands and vowing to obey his every command going forward. She was in tears and she was broken in every way. I hurt so bad for her. I could feel her pain and I could tell she was being forced to put on this display to male dominance. I heard later she packed her bags and fled. The BF at the time saw no issue with making her get up in front of the church and be demeaned for her sins and condemned her for running away. He is no longer a BF and can't find another woman willing to live his mysogynistic vision of marriage. I hear membership numbers are down.......

I fail to understand how anybody can treat somebody else like that.



Those survey results are no surprise to me.

These churches here are very patriarchal and believe me, the daughters are brainwashed that this is their lot in life. To blindly obey their husbands and fathers and brothers, because that penis means they are always right. The smart ones find a way to leave.


The Christian supremacists of the American Deep South will call that survey the work of Satan.

Same for the ones here in the midwest.


I'd argue that based on total societal influence, the Roman catholic church has had a far greater impact.

The church basically controlled several provinces, ensured political and law enforcement agencies looked the other way, stifled rights for women, LGBT & aboriginals, gave away children born out of wedlock, ran residential schools, orphanages, and homes for unwed mothers like prisons, etc etc

This leaves open the question of how the Roman Catholic Church will pay restitution to their victims and their victims' children.

I find it telling that the church's victims must still resort to civil action against the church, and that no Western government has brought an action against the Vatican on behalf of its citizens.

@anglophone agreed. and when you hear of them spending money on church business when it was raised for residential school victims you begin to understand how hard it is to get anything done.

I also note that whenever visiting anti-abortion protesters are in town the always stand on the grounds of local RC churches - you know - the place that protects children

@bookofmorons Sorry, your "the place that protects children" made me splutter with cynical laughter - it is just so damned true!


Me thinks they may be right.


I'd agree with them 100% on that.


I concur.


I agree.


I'm not surprised 🤣

I also am not surprised.


That's because it's True..


It's good to see that more and more people are finally recognizing the truth about religion.
Sure wish that was happening in the US, and in greater numbers.


This is why the fact that their numbers are dwindling are great news. Millenials and Gen. Z are abandoning this shit.


I agree. Self righteous thugs for the most part.

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