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Who agrees?

"Believing Elon Musk is going to save is as naive as believing Biden was going to save America. Arguing over which oligarchs should control the media is as silly and undignified as arguing over which oligarch-owned politicians should run the government."


FrayedBear 9 Apr 26

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Elon Musk has definite blind spots and is unlikely to admit to being wrong.

As an example, he refuses to consider Lydar for Tesla cars self driving systems, saying it isn't needed. However, pretty much every crash of Tesla cars while in self driving mode coudl have been prevented with a Lydar system. At some point down the road, as level 5 self driving cars hit the market, he will lose a share of the market as his cars won't be as safe as cars that have Lydar systems, because he won't admit that self driving cars need them.


I agree with some of it. But if free speech in the USA were really as restricted as she (the author) makes out, we would never have seen her article. The problem is that there is a glut of information, and each voice has to compete for attention. Money makes all the difference. Believing that Musk is some kind of saviour is just religion. What the world needs is a healthy shot of skepticism. Her best line is her last: "Superhero stories are designed to prevent us from realizing that only we the people have the power to rescue ourselves." With that I agree.


I left Twit-stir years ago and no intentions of going back no matter who owns it.
Musk has no intention of promoting free speech, his aims are obvious, PR, adversing, polling and information gathering. In a relatively short time and definitely in the long owning Twaddler is going to be a profitable enterprise for him (he would not do it otherwise.)


Since no one I know has any clue about Musk's political leanings I wonder why you suggest insight.

Your post is yet another example of you blowing smoke out your butt.

@creative51 Sounds as if he may be balanced.

@Alienbeing or just an indecisive person who needs script writers to avoid sounding like another red neck gambler lacking the confidence of his convictions.
Did you listen to him stuttering through the TED talk on his supposed Twit beliefs? An intelligent person does not open their mouth without having an appropriate word on their tongue. It's not hard even Letterman could do it.

@FrayedBear Since you don't know him, I'll file your response in the same subject folder most of your replies are filed in..... "Wild meaningless responses".

@Alienbeing like the fuckwit Australian court judge who told me that I could not make psychiatric observations as I lacked formal qualification I retorted to him, a full bench of 3 at appeal and now you that: "although I do not have qualification in optometry or measurement of eyesight I have known since the age of 7 that I cannot see without optical lenses, aka spectacles, in front of my eyes to bring objects that are more than 6" away into focus."

Suck on your fuckwittery alien.

@FrayedBear Thanks for that reply. Once again you hang yourself. Keep it up!


I have a Twitter account, but it is not something I've actively used more than a handful of times.
I don't even see tweets unless they are posted somewhere else on social media or read on TV.
Biden did save America because the orange stain would have destroyed us. NATO would also have been gone by the shit gibbon's traitorous, tiny hands and Putin would be invading Poland by now.

The idea that any top politicians like Trump, Biden or Putin are going to save us. Any more than synthetic billionaire or trillions.will, Is the greatest lie and joke of in our lifetime. Sorry many have been duped , not me because nobody but me leads me or owns me.

Wasn't it Trump who poured $13 billion into Ukraine for it to hire mercenaries and become the US's chief sychophantic mercenary?

Perhaps if Trump had remained Russia would now be a nuclear wasteland? Wouldn't that make your little heart glow?

@FrayedBear It does sound inviting.

@Alienbeing are you also tired of life?

@FrayedBear Not at all and one wonders what was running through your confused mind when you made such a post.

@FrayedBear You mean the aid agreed to be given to Ukraine by congress that the insane orangutan with incest on its brain tried to withhold in a blackmail scheme to get nonexistent dirt on Biden?

And the US congress draws up the budget, by the way.


I'm not on twitter, but my concern, one person controlling a media source and way too many people with no or poorly functioning bullshit-o-meters. What could possibly go wrong?!?

I think Elon bought Twitter to stop that kid from telling everyone where his plane is at all times.

And deleting pics people post of himself where he looks like a dolt.

Which would be nearly all of them.


Fuck ‘em all.

Whimpstagram, Twotter and Disgracebook are nothing special to me. I’ve never, and have absolutely no intention to ever be on ANY of them. It’s the thought police come true.

don't you think this website is also thr thought police?

@holdenc98 Of course. The whole internet is, if ya really think about it.

@CuddyCruiser Holden blocked me so I am pleased to say I can't see his stupid comment.

@holdenc98 Not at all.😐

@CuddyCruiser @FrayedBear
I've never had the itch or the desire to be on any of those three up to now ie FB, Twitter or Instagram!

@TimeOutForMe fbuk I find useful for local garage sales which as much as anything are now the closest that I have to meeting real people.
A sad reflection.
T & I I know not. In fact T has a very low uptake in Australia.


I couldn't care less about Twitter. I hope it dies in his hands. It's a shitty, awful platform and no one should use it.
That said, to claim Biden didn't save America simply by what he did before he even took office is stupid as fuck. 4 more years of Trump would almost assuredly have ended the world's oldest democracy. Preventing that was one of the single greatest things an American president has ever done.

And if democracy here was ever to turn to dictatorship, Trumps sheep will lose their guns.

Ever hear of one that allows private citizens to own or carry guns? Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan? Syria under Bashar Assad? Iraq under Saddam Hussein just to name a few?

Good luck if you can.

@CuddyCruiser They're all so fuckin' stupid, he'd probably just tell them he needs the guns to fight the pedophiles and they would happily turn them over, that way no one took their guns...


I agree with you Bear. I also do not use Twitter.


I don't use twitter.

Hey at least we're all voicing our opinion over which king we prefer. Not that it matters.


I believe Elon Musk will destroy Twitter. At least every redeeming quality left of Twitter. The last thing in this world I care about is how it will affect Russian Federation.

I hope he does too, and those other sites I’ve mentioned above.

@CuddyCruiser You hope he does? If you don't like Twitter stay off. It happens to be an instant source for important breaking news stories. BTW did you read the idiotic link or do you just want to comment your distain for all social media?

@barjoe I read the link. And I have a disdain for those 3 I mentioned.

@CuddyCruiser The link was pertaining to the OP's sympathy for Russia and admiration of Putin. I think Twitter is a notch above other social media, but you're entitled to your opinion. Tweets are as good or bad as the person posting.

@barjoe Never having used Titter I can only form opinion from what leaks out about it into other sources. One opinion gained is that it is a club for wannabes, egoists, narcissists & sycophants.

@FrayedBear it is a tool that smart people use to keep abreast of breaking news stories.

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