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LINK Conservatives Will Use the Fight Over Prayer in Schools to Attack Diversity

Conservatives have a new hero in their culture war over public schooling. His name is Joseph Kennedy, a former public high school football coach who lost his job in 2015 after refusing his employer’s demand that he stop engaging in on-field prayer following games—which the school district deemed a violation of the separation of church and state.

At least one parent complained that their child (who identifies as an atheist) was being coerced into participating in the post-game team prayers—lest they be perceived as disrespecting the coach and, resultantly, see less playing time. And while Coach Kennedy eventually stopped leading his team in prayers, he still made a show of praying on field himself after games. Then he was fired.

It’s ironic that at a time when the right is suddenly so committed to “parental involvement” in public schooling they’ve taken up as a folk hero a public school employee who could be reasonably seen as “indoctrinating” unwilling students through coercive measures.

snytiger6 9 Apr 28

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See, for conservatives, it's not about "rights as a parent" or "personal choice" for everyone. It's always about them getting their way no matter what. They care nothing about personal choice and rights of people who don't fit into their very narrow world view.

You got that right bra. They are selfish bullies. Time to stand up to them!


Diversity is central to what human beings are. Diversity enriches us and makes us stronger. It makes no sense to attack diversity. Alas, many fear what they do not understand.


If parents really care then this is a splendid opportunity to launch that attack against dogmatic religion that I keep talking about. We will have to make this complete by demanding all religious jewelry and clothing be including as intolerable for official government paid business or recreation. If Dems do that then we might knock out a few more social problems with one issue.


As soon as they can get sanctioned prayer into schools, they can start fighting about "which prayer".
Fightin' and winnin' is what it's about.
Religion is for rattlesnakes, hornets and bees

twill Level 7 Apr 28, 2022

Conservatives want their particular world view imposed on everybody else. It is the start of a slippery slope. First, religion. Then which religion? Then how do we rid the world of those who oppose our religion? I have had a gut full of these dangerous bigoted egomaniacs.


Christian Theists do not view their teachings as indoctrination but as a mandate or "the great commission" from their god.

Of course to everyone else it is absolutely indoctrination.


Skip praying and start teaching students what they need to know. They will be better off with a religious free environment.

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