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What religion did to human beings - men, women and children.

St-Sinner 9 May 4

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There is no better way to control the people than by telling them that the rules and laws that you want them to follow are the words of God. Unseen, unheard but he will strike you down and condemn you to eternal suffering if you don't do what I say that God wants. It is still happening today. You can justify any ugly, despicable act or law, if you say it is the command of the imaginary God.

In other words, put fear of the unknown?


There are still people that argue that there is no evidence that religions do harm.

Betty Level 8 May 5, 2022

The founding fathers of America were slave owners.

And we glorify them. That's the power of state brainwash from an early age.

The founding fathers of LITERALY Every country in Africa WERE slave owners, and slave sellers. Check your history books zenoview.... This was NOT invented by the British, or North Americans that followed. []


Laws and customs change.
Slavery - is as prevalent and as accepted today by the non-religious as by the religious. The only difference is, the slaves now get weekends off. You know, so they can pretend they’re not slaves and not be as likely to think about revolting. Oh, and they can, within certain limitations, choose their owners. Progress!

We are still subject to the laws our owners write. What we used to call religion, we now call “just how things are”. Our current religion is capitalism.

skado Level 9 May 4, 2022

I have thought about this long.

Payroll employment is just corporate slavery. Same rules as slavery - show up on time, work as you are told, a team lead, a supervisor, a manager, work reviews and keep you starving to make you come back for the paycheck for years. Disobey and you are kicked out. The dependency will not set you free for 40 years and you will still be worried about retirement.


What book is that from?

I really don't know about that. A google search brought me this []

The 25th chapter of Leviticus.

@p-nullifidian There’s actually a section in the BIBLE that says this?! Daaaaaayum.


I don't think you can blame religion.

Slavery has been around long before most organized religions.

They just attempted to make rules for slavery.

BD66 Level 8 May 4, 2022

Don't you think it was legitimized it big time when religion put dictates down? It was taken as God's orders. Believers took many things too far under the sanction of religion. Everything bad looked right to them.

How far back do you want to go? There is evidence that neolithic humans had religion.

Rules that were evidently never meant to be broken. Leading up to the American Civil War, from the pulpits in nearly every church in the states of the Confederacy, Biblical texts such as this were quoted to justify the institution of slavery.

@St-Sinner You are quoting Judeo/Christian Religious text. They attempted to regulate every aspect of their follower's lives:

What to drink
When to drink
What to eat
When to eat
Relationships with parents.
Relationships with spouses.
Relationships with children.
Relationships with siblings.
Relationships between masters and slaves was just one more thing to regulate.

You can't blame Judeo/Christian religion as the cause of masters and slaves any more than you can blame Judeo/Christian religion for eating, drinking, parenting, child raising etc.

@p-nullifidian Both sides during the Civil War believed they had God on their side.

@BD66 Indeed! With the notable exception of officially atheist Marxists, pretty much every combatant seems to have some sort of God backing them. 🤬

@p-nullifidian It's hard to get somebody to get up out of the foxhole if they don't believe in life after death.

Religions used, abused, and promoted slavery. It doesn't get them off the hook.

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