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In Justice Alito’s draft opinion, “a sin within a certain set of religious beliefs is to be made a crime for all,” she writes, evoking her novel of enslaved women.

(It seems that her dystopian novel, The Handmaid's Tale", has become the republican wet dream to aspire for.)

snytiger6 9 May 14

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they're using the book as a how to manual.......

Sometimes I think they actually are....


Thanks to evangelism and Texas

bobwjr Level 10 May 14, 2022

Yes, I think that's what is so chilling about it - is that we see signs of it actually starting to happen!


Having grown up with the feminist movement churning all around me, it is somewhat surprising to see so many women embracing the current patriarchal project. However, I probably should not be too surprised. Women played a big role in killing the Equal Rights Amendment.


There absolutely needs to be a lot more pushback against this garbage.
There is no room for civility anymore.

Civility is for wimps, cowards, and those that remain in denial about political reality. Merely asking nicely and appealing to conscience quit being effective long ago. Power only responds to a fight and the threat of what may happen with violence. That is why the protests in the 60s were effective, because the powers that be were afraid of how the movements would tear and burn it all down or at least cause so much disruption that the rich and corporations could no longer do business as usual.

The ruling class made concessions to MLK and the civil rights movement only because they preferred that rather than deal with folks like Malcom X or The Black Panthers, tho they later eliminated them both after making concessions. As for the anti-war radical groups, the war ended less because of them than because the rulers saw that they could no longer get enough cooperation and support for the draft from the young men to keep up the troop levels, so they began pulling back from Vietnam. The radical, violent anti-war groups were not that effective in stopping the war. The rulers were afraid of being humiliated with massive resistance to the draft.

@TomMcGiverin Had I not been a young child in NJ, I'm fairly certain that I would have wanted to be a member of the Weather underground.

I clearly remember hearing about them on the news, and reading about them in the papers
I thought what they were doing made a lot of sense. Especially since most of the adults around me never had anything nice to say about them.
That was usually always a clear sign that someone was "rocking the boat".
Most of the time, the boat rockers were fighting against things that were wrong and needed changing.

Even as a child, I was able to discern bullshit when I came across it. I was always unable to stop questioning all authority.
Definitely helped get my ass beat quite a few times, too.

My mother always said that I was born defiant, and that is one of the very few things that she was ever right about.


I read Handmaid's Tale many years ago, I was an Xian at the time, and it still scared the hell out of me. And yes, now we're living it and I'm not xian, and it just makes me madder than hell.

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