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SCOTUS is wreaking havoc on the U$A. It is doing so to further the cause of white Christian supremacists.


This case requires a close analysis.

Focus for a moment on people who send their kids to private schools. Are they paying taxes for public schools AND the fees those private schools charge?

If all of the students in the affected schools were to attend public schools, which do not teach religion, how much would these additional public schools cost?

Note: IMO, religious indoctrination in schools is child abuse.

Religious indoctrination ANYWHERE is child abuse. I was one of those, once upon a time. My Mother didn't know the extent of the tragedies that my neighbors introduced into my life. She was dying before I told her just how traumatized I was from what looked "innocent" to the naked eye regarding them and the grooming into a holy-roller sect. I still grind my teeth and feel panic attack-y when some thoughts flood back without warning. Some 40+ years later.

Yes indeed. We also should not allow things like the Good News Club using facilities after hours to spread their Jesus and scare kids. I've read some bizarre stories about this.


Anyone under any delusion about why those particular justices were picked??? Of course they started with a school in an area where no other public school was available.

Maybe because Dems , liberals, atheists and progressives don't vote?
I have heard that only 25% do, compared to 80% of Evie's.
So,.....guess who's running the country?

@twill That's not true. America's political history and system is literally designed to diminish many in the political left from voting or voting effectively.

Politically effectiveness in this country is biased towards the political right by design.

@domos It was Prof. Steven Pinker that mentioned those %'s. I never researched it (googled it) myself. Which is why I stated that I had only heard it, not knowing if it was hard fact.


Democrats need to insist on expanding the Supreme Court to fix all the damage the current imbalance will create. All caused by religious nutjobs.

👍 Indeed. And NOW not later. (Of course they won't. We're talking about the Fleckless Democrats.) 😔


The court had a choice between favoring one of two elements of the First Amendment separation of church and state: the "government shall make no law establishing a religion" clause, or the "government shall not infringe upon the free expression of religion" clause. Establishment versus infringement. There is a natural tension between the two. Predictably, given the makeup of the court, they chose to focus on the proscription against government infringement on religious liberty. I think this is a shame. Religion does not deserve such obsequious consideration. In fact, I would argue that the state has a genuine interest in protecting the public from religion. Religion promotes intellectually flabby habits of mind, discourages critical thinking, and has served to induce a sizeable minority of the electorate to believe the lies of an obvious grifter who threatens to overthrow our democratic government in favor of theocratic fascism. It is no coincidence that the wacko belief in a stolen 2020 election shares space in otherwise empty heads with belief in a supposedly omnipotent sky daddy who allows innocent school children to be gunned down in their classrooms.

You evidently don't realize they are blameing the devil for children being slaughtered, well, the devil influenced by democrats.

I think a lot of this has to do with the close relationship between religion and white supremacy.

Because white supremacy has many attributes of a religion or theological belief system... Separation of church and state laws are one of the biggest threats to its dominance in state-backed institutions.

@HankSherman Oh I do realize, but that is just part of their sky daddy delusion.


The Founding Fathers had a lot of complaints, but perhaps highest on their list was the Divine Right of Kings. The Evies want to promote our Founding Fathers as religious lackeys, which they certainly were NOT.

twill Level 7 June 21, 2022

Glad she said it. Distressed that it's happening.


The SCOTUS has been corrupted.

At least six of them should be removed.
Forcibly, if necessary.

Be careful what you ask for....

Personally I think it might be better to add term limits and increase the number of judges... Maybe even with 1/3 of the seats reserved for individuals come coming from underserved communities.


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