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Should I get rid of my Xtian bed?

I helped a friend to move recently. Her neighbor, a retired catholic nun, was moving into a nursing home and was selling her furniture. She had a almost new full size bed and I bought for $50 as my king bed was useless now, (living alone, no woman visitors) In hindsight may not have been a good Idea, my question is what should I do now?

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PickledRick 8 Apr 27

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Wash the sheets and're good to go. Or better yet, buy new ones

twill Level 7 Apr 28, 2018

It's a bed.

Assuming it's in good condition, the religion of whoever owned it means nothing. Don't let religion gain power over you through some sort of superstition.


She did not die in it. Pretty good chance she did not have sex in it. Maybe diddled herself some, but really - what the heck. In time you will forget all about the nun.


Well, if you bought it, it must be nun the worse for wear. Draw a pentagram on it and keep it.


Burn it!!!!!!!! Seriously, it's just a f---ing bed 🙂


A bed is a bed. No such thing as a Christian bed.

Xtian bed....LOL





Did she have fleas, lice or bedbugs? Is it stained or does it smell weird? If not wouldn't worry about it. Nuns are people like all others....


It's a bed - not a Xtian bed. Only remnants of the Nun left would be any lingering odor, scent of Holy Water, or nun Farts that may have been deeply planted.

Otherwise, it's just a bed; treat it like any other. Or, get a second one, slam em together, and make yourself a 'king' bed again.

Nun farts, lols 🙂


I voted to keep, unless you have a rational reason for getting rid of it. Just cuz it belonged to a nun doesn't seem like a rational reason to me, but however you want to roll, partner.


I like the uncurse choice. Who knows. The priestess might be someone good to meet.

Is a priestess really all that different from a nun? I have known some cool nuns though, so you might be onto something here.

Ah, thanks for that

@zeuser most priestesses are allowed to have sex, so there's that, anyway.

@memorylikeasieve you think nuns don't? Lol

@iamjc ask a nun! ?

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