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Endless spectulation in the news. I'm tired of it.

"Almost, seems like, kind of, sort of." Weasel words.

Analysis paralysis.

Your thoughts?

LiterateHiker 9 Aug 12

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I am interested in the legal opinions. The one that struck me the most is that the USA is now in uncharted legal waters. I am content to wait for as long as it takes for court appearances and court decisions to be made. While I personally hope for a number of things (too many to detail here), my hopes are irrelevant to the legal process.


The US needs to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, and get some fact checkers in there. We're not getting news, we're getting what Rupert Murdoch thinks is going to freak people out and keep his agenda going.


News seems to have changed is now more speculation and opinions, no longer reporting on events with facts.

Betty Level 8 Aug 12, 2022

Options: Fast forward, mute, change channel, power button, internet, books. Your time is too valuable to let yourself be mesmerized.


I am only interested in the final outcome. The rest is just a shit show.


I feel used used by news speculators. I think they want me to see their adverts.

PS. Ask for feelings too.

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