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Alito’s Call to Arms to Secure Religious Liberty

New York Times, Aug. 11, 2022

"Justice Alito provided his own definition of religious liberty, an expansive definition that mirrored the court’s holding in this summer’s praying coach case. In that case, the school district in Bremerton, Wash., had offered the coach an alternate place where he could pray after the games. But the coach insisted that he felt religiously compelled to pray in public in full view of the spectator stands. The court, which in the past was notably stingy when it came to the free speech rights of public employees, endorsed this expression of militant Christianity."


nicestuff 7 Aug 17

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We live in a world in which the imagination of the religiously programmed is more relevant to the law than reality.


Alito is my most disliked jurist.


Several conclusions expressed here require testing. First by Satanists. Then in a courtroom.


I am sure that Alito would ban an equivalent act by any Satanist.

A local authority, such as a school administrator, would first have to silence Satanists.

The Satanists would then have to go to a local court.

Has that happened?

@yvilletom @anglophone has no clue if it happened. He makes comments from afar that frequently show he has no understanding of US laws or customs.


Alito has demonstrated his unfitness (desire to disregard foundational Constitutional concepts) and in so doing, violate his oath. He and the others should be summarily impeached for seditious conspiracy and removed from their positions.

I look forward to hearing the rest of "The Scheme."


When Alito says "religious liberty" he means freedom for Christians to shove their beliefs down everyone else's throats.



When Alito and his ilk say religious freedom, they mean freedom of xtions to control and run roughshod over everyone else. Amerikkkan Taliban.


SCOTUS will have to allow expressions of militant non-xianity from spectators.

Will they? It's not like consistency is their strong suit.

They should but that's not the way they're going.


So Alito does not think we have religious liberty?

These assholes won't be satisfied until democracy is crushed, and we're all living in a christian theocracy.

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