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Today I wrote an impassioned letter to WA State director who ordered logging in Squilchuck State Park.

Hikers, families, and mountain bicyclists love Squilchuck State Park because of its precious cool shade, especially during hot summers.

We use the park year-round. It's great for snowshoeing in winter. Children love sledding there. Cascade Mountain Bicycle Alliance built wonderful trails.

Squilchuck State Park is a treasure to Wenatchee residents. The paved road creates easy access.

We felt horrified when the west side of Squilchuck State Park was logged. You destroyed the shade. To make matters worse, your loggers left behind sharp, dangerous, combustible piles of broken branches and slash. Now the west side is a hideous tree graveyard. It looks like it was bombed.

Last summer during massive wildfires in Methow Valley, logging slash piles burned first. This combustible fuel must be removed. It's common sense.

All we have left for shade is the east side of Squilchuck State Park. Imagine our horror to discover far too many blue-marked trees waiting to be logged. My heart sank. It's infuriating.

Clearly you don't understand how precious shade is in North Central Washington. Each year, beautiful hiking and mountain bicycling areas have been destroyed by wildfires. Owls, deer, birds, and other animals need tree cover, too. And oxygen.

Now all we have for shade is the east side of Squilchuck State Park. Please don't destroy it.


Kathleen Miller
Wenatchee, WA

Photo: Me hiking on the east side of Squilchuck State Park, August 2021.

LiterateHiker 9 Aug 23

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The letter is great and for your beauty is breath take 


Thank you! I will be 69 on September 3.

@LiterateHiker That's great I'm here for you


Great letter! Maybe you should send a copy to the media, too


Thank you.

Today I dropped off a copy of this letter to the Wenatchee World, our local newspaper.


Damn good


Do you mean my letter is damn good? If so, thank you!


I am inclined to think that your letter will be largely ignored and you will receive a calculated polite reply. Wherever unfettered greed predominates as a value system nature and people are viewed as a source of exploitation. The lining of the pockets of local businesspersons and politicians is considered more important than nature or human life.

Perhaps some wood will be put aside for coffins, which will eventually contain the stinking carcasses of those who profited from it.


In my experience, one person can make a difference.


Hope you get a positive result.


Logging should never be done in a state park unless it is for beatification projects. IMO logging for the sake of getting timber would be a no no in state parks. Thanks for writing that letter.


I agree. I wish I had added that logging causes landslides.


In my neighborhood, which is where I walk, my route in the summer is dictated by where the shade is. I hope you can successfully beat this.


When I lived and worked in Snoqualmie, my cabin was in a Weyerhaeuser Experimental Forest, which was cool. As a newspaper editor, I quickly learned that there were three bases of power in that part of the country: Logging, tech and aerospace, and that it was an uphill battle to challenge any of them. Hopefully things have changed a bit since I left almost 20 years ago. Good luck!


You gonna tie yourself to that tree😉


That would be another tragedy for the people and the environment. Why does business always have to win???

I'll answer my own stupid question. Because politicians make money on these decisions. Every favor they grant to business and industry shows up on their balance sheet. It's disgusting.

I agree with you I think politicians hide so many things from us I mean we are so far from them we don't know what's going on

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