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LINK Former Elder Robert Lee Harris Convicted Of Killing Wife In Kansas

A former church elder, 30-year-old Robert Lee Harris, was convicted of killing his wife in Overland Park, Kansas. Harris, who was a church elder at the Repairers Kansas City in Kansas City, Missouri, was convicted of first-degree murder on Aug. 19 for killing his wife, Tanisha Harris, 38, on Jan. 8, 2018.

The couple had reportedly been married just 18 months before Harris was murdered. According to the Associated Press, the police responded to the couple’s home on the 8000 block of Perry Street to investigate a “domestic disturbance” around 4 p.m. to find Robert Lee Harris home alone. The police returned to the couple’s home after Mrs. Harris was reported missing by Mr. Harris several hours later. Her body was later found in Raymore, Missouri.

The Christian Post reported that Mr. Harris had been in a romantic relationship with Steven Junior. Junior testified in court about his relationship with the pastor. He also admitted to the affair in a YouTube video.

The couple were also members of the church lead by pastor Carlton Funderburke, who called his congregation “broke, busted and disgusted” for not “honoring” him with a Movado watch and asking if he was worth “Red Lobster money?” ...

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What a den of the damned we have here! 😳


Did you see that this killer is a spin off (deacon I think) of that guy who was just berating and belittling the parishioners because they didn't give enough $$$ to buy him an expensive watch. 😲


Junior is a great name for him as it implies youth. I lived next door to WP, in 2018, and it is a white bread place. Gotta say that Funderburke is also a great name. Sounds like it should be a curse word. Don't it? Maybe it should. Can't say that I think a 30 year old can be called an Elder of anything. Certainly not of me. It's Hell when The Honeymoon wears off and you find out your forever spouse is a drag. I'll bet she told him to fuck off and that's what led to Junior.


Sounds like a church chock full of ignorant, religious nuts... If Jerry Springer were still on TV, that church would be worth a whole episode...


Hope he's got a very full dance card in prison, but not in the fun way.

He'll either stay in protective custody or make friends with a black gang that will protect him.

@TomMcGiverin He is black.

@Beowulfsfriend I corrected it.


we can't make up wild enough stories about Christian preachers because the truth is stranger than fiction.


These people are crazy. When not working or buying food I am usually home because i know how crazy people are today.

It's gotten harder to drag me out of the house but the heat is a factor, as well. When I'm out I tend to move away from people, though.

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