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Favorite music genre

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HockeyAndBeer 4 Aug 31

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What venue would Motown be in?


You also don't list alternative rock, which is quite different than most mainstream rock or classic rock, so your poll really doesn't give me an option that represents my true tastes. You also don't list country, but I've got a feeling that country is probably about the least popular genre among members here, mainly because of how religious it is, along with how politically and culturally conservative it is.


You don't list blue grass or folk music, both of which are very much liked by me. I think blue grass is my favorite, followed by classical, then rock. I used to keep my car radio tuned to the classical station but listened to blue grass Saturday mornings every week so theres that.


I also thorough enjoy both jazz and folk music. They should also be listed in your survey.


I like some of everything except rap, folk, metal, techno, and bluegrass...l almost forgot, anything by Taylor Swift.


Bluegrass ! 🙂
(Rock_n_Roll a close second) 😛


I mostly listen to modern rock but I enjoy a variety of stuff from pop to disco and funk to metal and alternative and indie rock and punk and industrial and some hip-hop, especially some of the older songs from the 80s.


Those are the only genres?


Rock, preferably alternative or new wave.

Zster Level 8 Aug 31, 2022

Pretty much like all those categories minus rap or hip hop, but settled on rock/metal. Punk was a close consideration.



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