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LINK White nationalist: After School Satan clubs are an 'act of terrorism'

If white nationalist Dalton Clodfelter has his way, the United States will become a Christian theocracy and The Satanic Temple’s co-founder Lucien Greaves will be imprisoned for life for his act of “terrorism” by… offering kids an After School Satan program to counter Bible clubs.

During his show Tuesday night, Clodfelter, for some reason, rehashed a story from January about an After School Satan club at an elementary school in Moline, Illinois. In short, the club was an alternative to a Christian club the district had already approved. Parents were furious because they assumed something evil was taking place (which is not true), and several of them protested outside the school, but administrators had no legal right to refuse the Satanists’ offer and said as much to the press.

Clodfelter didn’t mention any of those legal details. Instead, he just played a four-minute segment from KWQC before launching into his beliefs about how we ought to live in a Christian nation. He said Christianity should be the “national religion” and that the religion should be taught (presumably as fact) in every school. He claimed, with a straight face, that the ASS club represented “indoctrination of children.”

Then he launched into a broader attack on religious pluralism… before literally threatening Greaves: ...

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School of Satan, Sounds like a hardcore heavy metal band. Keep an eye open for them, yet don't locked them up in cages.


Clodfelter can kiss my dimpled, white ass.
I love that satanists make the NatCs so crazy.

It's sort of the liberal version of "Owning the cons", only without the outrageous lying that conservatives use to own the libs...



And Lucifer, Baphomet, Belial, Sammael, Beherit and all the rest of the boys!!!


Christian hegemony is threatening; that is nothing new. Christian hegemony is threatened; that is to be celebrated! 😀


Such hypocrisy. The real terrorism is the Bible thumpers threatening Greaves and his group. Clodfelter is such an appropriate name for that fool..


So, what's the problem here? Everybody agreed that after school Christian Clubs could do there thing and scare the bejesus out of young kids. 🙂


The faithfool is scared of the satanic club for kids.


Man those ppl really irk me.

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