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LINK A Christian school baptized 100 kids without telling their parents

Northwood Temple Academy, a Christian school in Fayetteville, North Carolina, baptized 100 students last week without telling parents what was happening.

While this would be beyond illegal in a public school, the fact that Northwood is a private religious institution hardly makes this any better. That’s because baptisms, for these families, are sacred. They’re big events. Parents are supposed to be present when their kids decide to take the plunge.

But the school just went ahead and dunked a bunch of kids in water for Jesus. Despite the symbolic meaning of the ritual, some parents weren’t thrilled that the school did this without their consent. ...

snytiger6 9 Sep 4

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They do this to boast about how many people they are getting “Saved”


Their defense? It’s all water under the bridge now. ..


The phrase "evil scheming lying bitch" comes to mind.


Zealots will always overstep. It's in their nature.


Are they certain the kids did just get a quick bath?

On a serious note, the parents have every right to be upset. The kids must have parental consent before being subjected to religious rituals. But this is why evangelicals want access to public schools - to indoctrinate kids into their brand of Christianity.


This court case can go on for eternity, and the loser goes to hell.


I wonder how many pissed in the baptismal pool?

I have to admit that DID occur to me too...


This would make me extremely angry if I was one of the parents.


This is why religion must not survive. It’s them or us.

Yer wishin’ fer a lil’ too much there. Sadly it’ll always exist……it isn’t just a delusion….or a belief for that matter, but also a coping mechanism for many and will always exist in some form even if it’s a minority that believe in it.

@CuddyCruiser You’re probably right but dreams don’t become reality without advocating.


Get the kids indoctrinated and you own them for life.


Typical, they blame the victims, the kids wanted to. ..

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