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Do you think AI will take our the Earth within a couple of hundred years?

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beluwhale_boi 3 Sep 18

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"Our" Earth?

puff Level 7 Oct 1, 2022

Who knows? Mankind may not even exist in another couple hundred years.


There are much bigger threats than AI.


Will an AI take over the world someday? Maybe so. An AI probably won't do any worse than we've done so far. Sure, there might be the occasional mass human extermination by our robot overlords but otherwise I think it'll be just fine.


AI is a human creation and humans are too egotistical to let that happen.

If it happens, it won't be because we let it.

That is why it would happen. We will ignore other life until it is too late.


It won't matter to me. I'll be wormfood


I think it's inevitable.

Me tooo

@beluwhale_boi I read some conversations with the AI that dude claimed was self aware. Shit is scary and amazing. Also annoying as fuck. They have AI that can contemplate life, death, being used, being a slave, all kinds of super complex shit, and I'm struggling on a daily basis to get answering service voice prompts to grasp just a few simple words. WTF?

@ChestRockfield Woww! Can you send me a link to that?

Someone here posted it. It was super interesting and eye opening. I tried Googling for it to show it to someone, but couldn't find the one I had read first. If I had to guess I think maybe @snytiger6 posted it? If he did, maybe he can find it again??

@beluwhale_boi Wait, I found it. It was @secretguy who posted it.
Here it is:


We see how easily hypnotized people are with their phones. Now imagine the phone has an adaptive personality. People avoid each other as it is. With AI, that need disappears entirely. So to depopulate the planet, we need to deploy AI ASAP. We deserve the utmost ignominy.


I think what & how we program AI will
determine the usefulness of interactions with humanity. Right now we are benefiting in the medical; robotics;physics- we are assisted in solving problems. I hope we keep this focus and objectives as goals.

The money makers currently are for security/war/weapons and sex dolls. The Japanese have been putting a lot of research into old age care as well.

@Beowulfsfriend If it helps humans shoot something, fuck something, or blow something up, it's a driving force for its success. 😝

@Beowulfsfriend the Japanese have a " aging population issue" - just to use AI to keep some folks aware & cognogent would probably help.

@BBJong Yes they do. They may have AI ideas for cognitive awareness. They were working on robots to do tasks in health facilities especially designed for the elderly.


Hehe..... I commenting to get extra points for myself 😛

Here's a couple more...

@beluwhale_boi Here's some more points! Lol!!!

@beluwhale_boi The most insightful comment on this thread.

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