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LINK Most-Banned Book Author in America Ellen Hopkins Calls BS on Parents’ ‘Concern’

More than 1,600 different books were banned from schools and public libraries during the last academic year, as parents and community members across the country continued to raise hell over works that address cultural identities, racism, homophobia, and abuse.

Many of the pro-book banners insist the material is simply too inappropriate for younger readers. But authors say those concerns are just excuses—and it’s really about exclusion. ...

snytiger6 9 Sep 23

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I'm disgusted by what's happening around the country, especially in Florida, with the rabid book banning going on. If this continues, it will only be a matter of time before they (conservatives) go after the First Amendment.


It's fear of thought, plain and simple. They don't want their kids learning that shit they tell them isn't true.



It certainly is about excuses. People trying to be credible are laughingly funny when you hear them say someone is trying to teach Kindergarten kids about sex or even birth control. This simply is not happening regardless of how weird they think the left has gone. Much of the time protests and anger are in reality about something else. Like Rodney King once said, "can't we all just get along." Not so much in America today.

All they have to do is look at Aunt Mary's phone.


A book is understood when the context of the time in which it was wrote is taken into consideration. I wonder do those who favour the banning books believe that it will somehow improve human conduct.

Sometimes, when we read something we may recoil in horror or wear a condescending smile and pat ourselves on the back and think how advanced we are compared to our forebears, future generations will probably regard us in the same light as we view those who preceded us.

Not going to be future generations.

@rainmanjr Ouch!

I'm pretty sure, actually....I'm positive that these book-banners don't give one shit about when a book is written or what era/day/year/decade/century/etc., was composed. The book-banners don't worry about future generations either.

These are the people that believe a book written 1,500 to 400 years BCE need not be a part of what they believe, because the pre-quil to the book they actually believe in doesn't fit their narrative(s.) These are the very people that believe in a work of fiction written between 80-100 AD, allegedly.

These people believe a 600 year old man built an ark that survived a flood, and that incest repopulated the whole of Earth.



Banning books is about controlling what younger people read.


This is the opposite of freedom, even though the book burners claim so much to love it.


Fascist bullshit.

And the fascists wonder why ordinary decent people hold them in such great contempt.

@anglophone ...wonder...😂

@Flyingsaucesir Thanks. 🙂 Reply updated. I have a terrible habit of leaving out words. 😟

@anglophone Happens to me all the time!

@anglophone I do it too. 😂


In my opinion, it is really about religion and politics.

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